Sexy colours for nails this Fall

Do you always fret going to the nail salon? As much as you want a cool nail polish, you have no idea which one you want? Sometimes, you are even thinking of an easy way out and crazy ideas such as paint your toe with your man’s favourite colour get into your head? You think this is the silliest thought you have ever had? But none the less you had it and can’t help it now.

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You are the Competition

Fall or no fall, man or no man, it is always a great idea to go with the colour you like. At the end of the day, why should you be compromising for a man? Isn’t it fair that you just get a colour of your choice? One that is your ultimate favourite! So what if it happens to be dark pink? If that is what you want then that is what you want. Period! No one has got the right to stop you on it.

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Leave the Man alone

Seriously, unless you have done something easily noticeable, there is a good chance your date will not even look at it. So, just go, get out there and colour your nails anyway you like. It is going to be nice and look really pretty on you. If you are going on a first date then match it with your dress.

Ruby Red nails

Ruby Red does the Trick

No matter what your skin tone is or how your hands are shaped, ruby red is surely going to suit you. So, apply ruby red and rock yourself out there. In fact, this bright colour helps you not just stand out of the crowd but also look gorgeous at the same time.

Black Dress plus Red Nails

Black Dress plus Red Nails

This is an unsaid rule that if you are wearing a black dress then you surely ought to be having red nails. Red nails make you look beautiful and nice on an overall basis. Hence, if you don’t have a favourite and can’t figure a thing out then just stick to the regular combination.

Other great combinations are white dress plus yellow nails or a white touch up on the nail tips along with denims.

Summary – If you are into nail paints then putting black nail paint in winter is a bad idea but amazing during fall.

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