Tips to Get Ready for a Party After Office

It happens to all young ladies out there! You get to office making some basic preparations for the after-work party, apply a foundation, kohl and your favorite dab of lip color only to find the kohl smudging all around your eyes and making them look weary and dark. No worries, you can prep yourself up from the morning and do some touch-ups in the evening after work. Or you could well devote some quick minutes to do some makeup post office.Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members:-

lady ready for party

Morning Makeup:

To do some work during the hurried morning hours, prep up your face with some compact powder and do up your eyebrows with a layer of mascara for a quick grooming. Highlight them with an eye shadow the shade of which should be lighter to your skin tone so as to blend well and giving a little shimmer.

Smother it with light pink shade in the form of a gentle “C” till the outer corner. With the eyeliner brush draw a thin line along the crease of your upper eyelids using a black eye shadow. Avoid using eye liner or kohl at this time of the day as you would require the crisp look to sustain your makeup throughout your hours in office. You can deck up your lower lids with a light brown pencil and your lashes with dark mascara for the perfect, elegant looks. Pick out a nude or light pink shade for your lips.

applying lipstick

Post-Office Evening Makeup:

Post office dab some more compact in areas which need them such as your nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. Apply some bronzer along the cheekbones and hairline to get the lifted look and some eye cream around the eyes to moisturize them and then accentuate the areas with a shadow pearl. Pick out warm pastel shades of eye shadows like peach, coral or orange and apply it both over as well as under the eyes. Blend it with a matte black shadow and touch up with another layer of mascara.

For your lips and cheeks pick out your favorite lip color but avoid using reds since they are not for quick makeup. Be sure to line up your lips and dab some lip gloss for the ultimate finish. A peach or coral blush with a big brush is just the thing you need to highlight your cheeks.

After you are done look at yourself and you bet you cannot resist falling in love with yourself.

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