How to style a fishtail braid

Making a fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is also termed as Herringbone or Fishbone. Though it looks complicated and time consuming but in fact it is quite simple and easy. The style is trendy and fashionable and if you make the fishtail braid tight and neat it works as a formal hairstyle also. It is easy to learn this hairstyle if you try it on some one else first. Here are 6 simple steps to learn to make fishtail braid.

Complexity level

Moderately easy

Time required

10-20 minutes

Resources required

  1. Braid comb
  2. Elastic band
  3. Decorative pins and clips (optional)
  4. Hair spray


1. Parting your hair

Divide all your hair into two equal sections parting it from the middle. Unlike the classical braid where we divide the hair in three parts here we divide it in two.

2. Braiding (left)

Hold the left section in your left hand and right section in the right hand. From the left divided section of the hair pick up a thin strand keeping the right section enclosed. Straighten the strand of hair you have pulled by pressing it in between your fore finger and middle finger. Now take that strand over the right side of the divided section of the hair.

3. Braiding (right)

Now, brush the right section of the hair including the strand that you have added to it with your fingers. Next, hold the left section of hair in your left hand firmly and pull out a strand of hair from the right side. Take this strand over to the left section of hair and mix it to the section by combing with your fingers. In the mean while hold the right section of hair securely in your right hand.

4. Tying the braid

Repeat the process again and again till the hair length allows it. The braid should fall in the middle of your back. When the braiding is done you should tie it with and elastic band to hold it in place. You can keep it tight or loose according to your choice.

5. Decorating the braid

The braid can be decorated by the braid or bun pins with pearl end for a classy look. Other trendy clips can also be used to enhance the beauty of the braid. Ribbons can also be used to decorate the braid. Bead clips can be used to decorate the fishtail braid if your are making them for kids.

6. Different fishtail braiding styles

a. You can make different hair styles with the fishtail braid. The fishtail braid can be worn on the sides as per choice. In this case the same process has to be followed after pulling and parting the hair on the particular side you to wear it on. The side fishtail braiding looks sexy and funky.

b. Two thin fishtail braids can be made on the either side and can be tied together and hung lightly over the rest of the hair.

c. If you make two fishtail braids on both the sides behind your ear, it can be considered another style.

Frequently asked questions

Question. Is it possible to make a fishtail braid in curly hair?

Answer. Fishtail braid looks the best in straight hair or wavy hair. It is difficult to separate the strands in the curly hair, so it becomes a little complicated. However, if you really want to try it on curly hair it can be done.

Quick tips

  1. For messy look, back comb the braid slightly or leave some flyaway here and there.
  2. If you want to wear neat braids for formal looks do not back comb and do hair pressing before making braids.
  3. Sparkle sprays are available in the market to add shine to the hair style. The shine looks great when going out to party.
  4. Use an elastic matching to your hair color to give your hairstyle a natural look.

Things to watch out for

  1. For the braid to stay for long spray some hair spray after it is done.
  2. Fishtail braids look best when worn on long hair.

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