Simple yet effective treatments to repair and fix damaged hair

by DrPrem Jagyasi
hair damage

Damaged hair can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. It’s a vicious cycle as stress causes more damage to your hair. Finding the correct treatment to repair your hair is the key to restoring your hair’s health to its natural gorgeous state again. Dryness, split ends, dandruff, frizzy hair are some of the common hair problems that might be treated by using these products featured below, plus some TLC of course!

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System


This hair repair system treats damaged hair from the roots to the ends. Its shampoo, conditioner, repair mask and Argan oil fixes your hair problems like dryness, dandruff, dermatitis and eczema. The shampoo is a blend of antioxidants, Argan oil and fatty acids, which helps to repair dry hair, and gives your hair body and shine. The conditioner penetrates hair shafts to restore moisture and strengthens your hair. It protects your hair from harmful UV rays and helps maintain color for a longer time, and making it vibrant and glossy.

If your hair has been damaged by excessive heat or chemicals, the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System can undo the damage done. It’s fresh and sweet scent makes it more appealing, and its natural moisturizers give it a dazzling shine. Non- greasy Argan oil, vitamin E and antioxidants help to protect your hair from split ends, hair loss, free radicals as well as nourishing the roots. 

Kérastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm


Damaged hair needs some gentle care. Some superfoamy shampoos can lull you into thinking that they’re good for your hair but actually the opposite is true. These extra suds can roughen up your hair cuticle, leaving your hair parched and frizzy. This product has a dual formula consisting of conditioner and cleanser, which acts as a balm for dry hair. It has a gentle lather which hydrates and washes your hair simultaneously. The Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm is an effective everyday treatment for your hair. 


Tresemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum


Earlier, the only resort for split ends was the scissors. Now, as a temporary treatment, you have this spilt end sealing serum from Tresemme. Split hair gets a negative charge, so the two polymer combination in Tresemme’s serum is a positive charge and thus the split hair and serum bond together, acting like magnets. This effect lasts until three washes, and hair appears smoother and healthier.

Scary Hairy


Scary Hairy serum does not have carcinogens, phthalates or parabens which can help treat your hair without causing any side-effects. It helps revive damaged and brittle hair. The lightweight texture makes hair look shiny and smooth, without feeling greasy. Long hair can be benefited by this treatment as the damaged ends are also repaired.

A healthy, gorgeous and shiny mane is what everyone wishes to have. Some are naturally lucky to be blessed with great hair, but others with damaged hair can also attain lustrous locks with the help of simple and effective treatments.

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