Beauty products that you should never share

Sharing of beauty products among friends can be an easy way of using different brands. Also, in a case of products like lipsticks you can get the advantage of trying out different shades without actually having to buy. But it is best to avoid sharing certain beauty products. Here are some products that you must avoid sharing.

  1. Creams and lotions packed in jars


All of us willnormally dip fingers into these jars and apply the cream, lotions etc to our face. Always wash your hands and face before you apply the cream or lotion to your face. Ensure that you do not share these products with anyone because the bacteria and dirt from the hands and face of your friend will get transferred to the jar and you will have contaminated cream or lotion which can have a harmful effect on your delicate skin.

  1. Lip gloss and lipsticks


In order to look chic in minutes, most of us have this habit of just grabbing friend’s lip gloss and dabbing it on our lips. The applicator with microbes is kept in the moist environment of the lip gloss bottle. Therefore, infectious microorganisms can thrive on it. Infections like a cold sore, herpes simplex virus etc can be transferred from one person to another through this contaminated lip gloss.

Similarly, you should not share lipsticks and lip balms for the same reason. They will be contaminated with bacteria from other person’s body and can pose a threat of spreading infections.

  1. Mascara and eye liner


There are plenty of bacteria and viruses which thrive on your eyelids and similarly even on your friends’ eyelids. When you apply mascara or eye liner the virus gets transferred from the eyes to the applicator. Obviously, when someone else uses this contaminated applicator the bacteria can spread to their eyes and cause infections like pink eye.

  1. Pressed foundation


If you thought it ok to share powders, think again. You must have dabbed the powder on your forehead with a sponge and transferred an endless number of bacteria in the foundation. If your friend uses the same foundation and sponge, the bacteria will get transferred to her. If at all there is an emergency and you need to use someone else’s pressed foundation or vice versa make sure that you use clean sponge. However, honestly speaking it is best to avoid using each other’s powder foundation.

  1. Brushes and sponges


The porous nature of the sponge helps it absorb a large number of bacteria from the body. Same holds true for brushes as well. Therefore, make sure that you wash the brushes and sponge on a regular basis with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Never let anyone use your used brushes and sponges because there are enough microorganisms which have got transferred from human body to the sponge or brush and can become a medium of spreading infections.

  1. Razors


Razors can cause cuts and bruises and draw out blood. Therefore, it can easily spread bacteria and also viruses like staph infections and in some cases even HIV. Therefore, stay away from razors used by others. Never share razors with friends or family members as this can lead to dangerous infections and diseases. Always clean your used razor with lukewarm water. Make sure that you change the razor after few days.

As a thumb rule,any beauty product that comes in contact with the skin should never be shared. This is because it can result in spreading bacteria and infections. Always have your own personal makeup kit and never share it even with your bestie.

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