Simple tricks to make your hair look bouncy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While most of us crave for fine hair that stands straight from root to tip, some women with naturally fine hair think otherwise. While fine hair can look stylish at times, it would look good only if you have the volume to go along with it.

Fine, thin hair can look extremely limp and lifeless. And no amount of styling and grooming with expensive salon products and treatments would get you the volume and bounce that you require.

Alternatively, you can opt for some simple tricks to make your hair look bouncy and beautiful. And here are some of the most effective ways to do just that!


Use Dry Shampoos

Want to get instant volume and bounce? Then opt for a dry shampoo that would stick to the individual hair strands and thicken them, thus making your hair look voluminous and bouncy within minutes.

Make sure you apply the shampoo on each individual hair root. Leaving a portion uncovered would lead to a disaster wherein some portions of your hair would look bouncy and others would look flat and limp.

The best way to cover the entire scalp is to divide your hair into sections and using your fingers to rub the shampoo on each section thoroughly.


Choose Lightweight Hair Products

One of the main culprits of flat, thin hair happens to be heavy styling products that can weigh down your hair and make it look flatter. Stay away from serums, shine sprays, mousses and other styling products that can do this to your hair. Choose lightweight products that do not leave any residue on the hair strands and leaven them feather light and bouncy after a wash.

Slathering on too much styling gel, mousse or spray can also make your hair look limp. Most of these products would contain waxes and oils that would melt under hot temperatures. The resultant residue would weigh down your hair and make it look flatter than it normally is.

Opt for Root Boosters

Certain products called Root boosters are becoming increasingly famous in the market these days. Armed with hair-lifting polymers, these products can give an instant lift to limp, lifeless hair and can prop up individual hair strands for an instant bounce. All you need to do is apply the product on your hair, leave it on for a few minutes and then blow dry your hair to get an instant boost.


Use Round Barrel Brushes

Round barrel brushes can help you recover from a bad hair day in no time at all. Fitted with open bristles, these brushes come in different sizes aimed for different hair lengths. While the large brushes would work well on long hair, the small brushes would provide an extra boost to short hairstyles.

Blow Dry Right!

Some us just blow dry our hair in a downward direction. If you have thin, straight hair, this process would make your hair look limper. To get an instant boost, opt to lift up sections of the hair as you blow dry them. This would help the strands remain upright (for longer periods) even after they have dried.

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