Useful, quick beauty tips for busy women

For a busy woman who hardly gets any time to have a sufficient social life, following a beauty routine can be quite challenging. However, according to experts, even a woman with a job and kids can maintain a perfect beauty routine without even slicing any valuable time out of her busy schedule. So, here is a list of some useful beauty tips especially designed for the busy woman of today’s society:


  • Start using a multitasking moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer that can provide you with multi level benefits. Besides containing moisturizing extracts, your moisturizer should also contain SPF of minimum 30 and antioxidants. This moisturizer will hydrate your skin, protect you from harmful UV rays and also provide you with anti-aging benefits.


  • Start your make-up with concealer

Applying make-up to make your skin look brighter can be very time consuming and so it is necessary to start your make-up by dabbing concealer evenly on the pigmented areas, blemishes, spots or in your under-eye dark circles. After applying the concealer, you can prepare your breakfast or brush your teeth in order to let the concealer melt in your skin evenly and then you can easily apply make-up the way you want.

  • Quick eye make-up

If you are in a great rush and hardly have any time to apply even a pinch of make-up in your face then it’s time to concentrate on your three E’s which denote eyebrows, eyelashes and eye liner. If necessary, brush your brows, line the upper lashes with the colour that suits you and at last, quickly roll a mascara wand through your lashes for delivering more definition to your eyes. On the other hand, if you have dark circles then you can quickly add a touch of concealer under your eyes and you are ready to go out of the door wearing a perfect eye make-up.

  • Always be ready for any kind of footwear

Having rough calluses around your feet can make your pedicure very time consuming and so it is important for you to follow a slight foot maintenance routine regularly in order to keep your feet ready for any kind of strappy sandals. The best way to maintain your feet on regular basis without spending much time is to keep a foot file, callus softener and a foot scrub in your shower and spend at least 30 seconds on your feet twice a week.


  • Detangle your hair in the shower

If you are in a rush then the job of detangling your hair becomes more difficult and because of the rush, you can cause more damage and hair fall in the process. Therefore, it is necessary to detangle your hair with a large toothed comb while you are running conditioner through your hair in the shower. It will not only save styling time for you but will also save your hair from damage.

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