Don’t do it at all – Five steps to ruin the first date

Your new girlfriend doesn’t pick up the phone after the first date? You may have accidentally pushed her away with your behavior. Here are five ways to scare a woman on a first date. Read them and never do so. Based on tips shared by Ukrainian brides online, here is some valuable information for your perusal.

Rude Date

  1. She no longer wants to see you, if you were looking at her closely while she was eating, mentally counting the cost of the meals you ordered. A man should be pleased that his woman is not hungry. If you start counting the money you spent already on a first date, then what comes next? So why don’t you stop watching her eating and let her enjoy her meal?
  2. Your chances are low if you didn’t listen to her. Let the girl speak out, and if you are not interested in her thoughts and views, what’s the point of this date? The answer is obvious, and the girl will not like it. If she is interested in relationships, and you don’t listen to her, talking only about yourself – it’s also a bad sign. Women don’t like narcissistic men.
  3. You can forget about your new girlfriend if you gave her a reason to be offended. After all, if you hurt her feelings already on a first date, what will happen next? Of course, the girl agreed to meet with you and go on a date not to be offended. And if she got angry at you, it’s your fault.
  4. If on a first date you begin promising her mountains of gold, she can check whether you tell the truth or not. She’ll start asking questions about your work and financial status. And if she finds out that you lied, she’ll understand that long-lasting relationship with you is impossible. Promising something you can’t do, and the fear of being caught on the word – what could be more shameful? Of course, she will no longer talk to you.
  5. If the girl is shy, she’ll wait for you to take the initiative in a conversation. Since childhood, girls know that a woman has to be modest. Of course, she may be shy and embarrassed. Your task is to make her feel comfortable. Sitting in silence may leave an unpleasant feeling after the date. She will never go out with you again.

The first date is essential for the further development of relationships. But sometimes, it’s not. It would be good to avoid embarrassing mistakes and make your girlfriend wish to get to know you better. It’s too early to make plans for the future after a first date. It is important to decide whether you like each other or not.

Five signs that your first date failed

She rarely looked you in the eye

The more the girl looks at you, the better. If she doesn’t do it, moreover, she avoids looking you in the eye all night, staring at the plate or on the TV screen at the bar instead, this date will be the first and only.

She mentioned her ex

Everybody knows that talking about previous relationships on the first date is inappropriate. The girl, who deliberately violates this unwritten rule, is not interested in continuing the dialogue or doesn’t need a new boyfriend.

She had other plans

Romantic couple in park

She did not hide the fact that after the date she’s going to the club with his colleagues or to a concert with friends. In this case, the answer is clear – she is not interested in you. On the contrary, when she says that she has to meet a friend and cancels her plans, your date goes well.

She did not try to find something common between you

Usually, women tend to find any similarity between her and the new boyfriend. An interested woman does her best to come closer to you. And if the lady is not interested in you, she will ignore everything common between you.

She went home immediately after the date was over

Yes, the very process of communication on the date means a lot. But the moment of farewell is even more important, and it usually lasts long. All these meaningless conversations at the door of her house may seem awkward, but they are a good sign. On the contrary, if the girl goes home straight after saying goodbye, the date failed.

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