Pseudo-ceramides: New skin-healing synthetic lipids developed

new psoriasis healing synthetic lipids developedThough, most common in babies and children, skin diseases like Atopic dermatitis can happen to anyone. Though the cause of such disease is not yet known, researchers have importantly come up with remedies.

There are other skin diseases in which skin cells grow abnormally, but are not taken seriously by many and go untreated. But, now researchers have come up with a new remedy for such skin diseases – ‘synthetic lipids.’

The new synthetic lipids are called ‘pseudo-ceramides’ after the natural lipids – ceramides — found in the outermost skin layer made of dead cells and mainly serves as a physical barrier. The lipids’ mainly control the growth and differentiation of skin cells.

These laboratory-created pseudo-ceramides are thus, responsible for skin cell growth, and thus can significantly be used to treat abnormally-growing skin cells.

Ah! Here is thus an alternative and effective solution for skin disease ailments like —

* Atopic dermatitis — a form of eczema which is manifested by red, flaky and very itchy skin;
* Psoriasis — a disease causing red scaly patches on the skin; and
* Glucocorticoid — induced epidermal atrophy, in which the skin shrinks by the loss of skin cell.

The three pseudo-ceramides — K6PC-4, K6PC-5, and K6PC-9 — significantly increasing proteins-amount produced during skin cell-differentiation, can play a vital role in curing such common, but long process skin diseases.


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