Looking good comes with a ‘price tag’, are you willing to pay?

Women want to look picture perfect at all times, and make that extra effort to look good. These efforts do not get restricted to the use of cosmetics, tweezing brows and waxing; going in for laser treatments, botox, cosmetic surgeries and tattoos are all a part of it. But sometimes, women go to unbelievable lengths at making those efforts.

The bizarre surgeries include elective eye surgery that replaces a healthy cornea with colored artificial lens, feet surgery to fit into the right fashionable shoes!

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Looking attractive with these extra efforts comes with a dangerous “price tag” and I’m not talking about the dollars you spend on these treatments. Let’s find out what are the unexpected and unwanted packages that comes bundled with the process.

Cosmetics: Though cosmetics available these days are safe as they go through strict scrutiny, it’s advisable that you try out any new cosmetic on one patch of skin to check for an allergic reaction. Also, be careful when you are buying products that claim to have natural or herbal ingredients, especially those sold on internet or television.

Tattoos: Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and is considered hip to have one. When you get a tattoo done with unhygienic tools, be assured of inviting diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Also, check out if you are having an allergic reaction to a particular coloured dye.

Body piercing: Young people think it cool to get their bodies pierced; unusual body piercing especially lips, eyebrows, tongue, or belly button is a sure fire way of grabbing attention. Get it from an unhygienic place and you are at the risk of getting tetanus, chronic infections and skin allergies.

Your eyes:
If you are using different coloured contact lenses to match your style, take care to see that that are cleaned after each use or you run the risk of getting eye infections.

Cosmetic surgeries:
Great route to achieve the looks you want, be it nose lifts, face lifts, chemical peels, breast lifts, botox, or liposuction; all come with associated risks like scarring, bleeding, and infections to name a few. But the biggest risk is that you may end getting the look that’s completely opposite to your expectations.

Take a look at one interesting article where a woman obsessed with the American millionaire hotel heiress, Paris Hilton spent over 35,000 pounds to look like her.

Heather Raznick, a psychotherapist in west St. Louis County, blames pressure from the media for many unrealistic goals regarding personal appearance. From magazines to television, women especially are bombarded with images “that are only attainable by a small percentage of people.” she says.

Is it worth all the pains? All of us are made to be unique, there is no point in trying bizarre methods to look like any other celebrity. Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are!


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