Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage during the Winter


The cold winter months are synonymous with hair fall and other hair issues like scalp dryness, split ends, frizzy hair and so on. So while there is not much you can do about the shedding problem which will occur in winter irrespective of what you do, there are ways to keep most of the hair intact on your head while allowing only a few strands to fall off. Here are some such hair care tips that can help you save yourself from the heartache of hair breakage this winter.

Don’t flaunt your ends, tuck them away

You may be tempted to let your hair flow during the winter. However, the more you tuck your hair inside a cap or scarf, the safer the latter would be from the harsh cold which makes hair lose its moisture content pretty fast. Stick to tight braids and buns for the most part, choosing to let down your hair only on rare occasions.

Be wary of braid extensions

Braid extensions can place excess pressure on your already dry hair ends and cause them to break further. If you still prefer to wear them in winter, make sure to moisturize and condition the hair beneath at regular intervals. Avoid tight buns and other high tension styles. And try to avoid wearing the extensions for long periods of time.

Opt for Pre-Shampoo and Conditioner Washes

Opting for pre-shampoo treatments and conditioner washes can keep your scalp hydrated and your hair moisturized during the cold winter months. Pre-shampoo treatments usually involve applying oil or conditioner on the hair and leaving it on for a couple of hours till the shampoo wash. Conditioner wash on the other hand, refers to washing your hair with a rinse out conditioner or using a leave in conditioner for extra moisture.

Massage your scalp regularly

This step can help keep your scalp healthy and your hair in one piece during the cold, harsh winter months. Massaging the scalp will increase blood circulation to the area, thus boosting the health and strength of the hair follicles. This, in turn, keeps your hair from falling out or developing split ends during the winters.

Wash Hair minimally

It is highly recommended that you wash your hair minimally during the winter. Too many washes will dry out the hair follicles quickly, thus resulting in rough, brittle frizzy hair. So keep your hair washes to twice or thrice a week at the maximum until the cold climate passes.

Brush your hair properly

Always brush from the nape of your neck towards the tips of the hair. This region in particular, produces the oils that keep the hair lustrous and healthy. By starting to comb from here, you will ensure to spread the oil to the tips of the hair, thus preventing them from developing split ends or becoming brittle owing to the cold. 

Hair fall is one of the most common woes of winter. Luckily though, it can be controlled effectively via a few tips and tricks that not only prevent hair fall during winter, but keep the hair lustrous and healthy throughout the year.

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