5 Incredibly Easy and Beautiful Chignon Hairstyles

A Chignon is a typical bun like hairstyle usually worn around the nape of the neck. Chignons are easy, fuss free and elegant hairdos that don’t require much prepping. They can be paired effortlessly with casual and formal looks, and can make you camera ready in an instant. Here are some popular chignon hairstyles that you can try out at home to rock the look.

  1. The Saturated Bun

This runway ready coif can be perfected within minutes. Plus, it doesn’t require the help of your hair dryer. All you need to do is rake your damp hair into a low ponytail near the base of your neck. Following this, wrap the ponytail into a neat, polished bun. Allow your hair to dry naturally to get a high impact look.

  1. The Low Textured Side Bun

A chignon needs to be work near the base of your neck. However, it doesn’t specify whether the bun needs to behind your neck or on the side. Taking this as a cue for creativity, the low textured side bun works on the chignon look by featuring hair wrapped into a loose bun near the side of the neck. You can add some braided highlights in front for more effect.

  1. The Ballerina Bun

The quintessential Ballerina Bun can make an otherwise ordinary looking chignon appear ultra-stylish and elegant. The look requires the use of a ribbon. Start off by raking your hair into a center parted pony near the nape of your neck. Split the hair into strands and start weaving it into plaits, ensuring that you weave the ribbon with the strands. Once you reach the end, reinforce the plait with a rubber band and coil it up into a neat bun near the base of your neck.

  1. The Skater Bun Look

This is one look that can be worn for almost any occasion, be it formal or casual, traditional or modern and so on. It starts with a slightly loose bun worn near the base of the neck. A few wisps of hair are pulled out of the bun and combed to stand above or around it like a crown or sorts. This chic chignon look will definitely make heads turn your way.

  1. The Low, Side Chignon

The low, side chignon is quite similar to the saturated bun. However, there is one slight difference. While the saturated bun will be worn behind the neck, the side chignon will be worn slightly to the side (not all the way to the side though), thus giving off a chic, casual look that is hard to beat.

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