Unbelievable Hair Struggles 4C Curl Girls undergo everyday

If you are blessed with 4C curls aka curls that coil like the letter ‘S’, you will know that getting by every other day with those curls can turn out to be a feat in itself. As such, here are some hair struggles you will probably relate to as a 4C curl girl.

A Dime Size of Product? No kidding!

The standard advert relating to a dime size of the product to wash or style hair does not apply to you. You will definitely need more amount of any product for your super frizzy hair. In fact, you will probably find yourself emptying out shampoo, conditioner and serum bottles every fortnight.

Edge Control never seems to work for you

Your edges never seem to remain in line with each other. This has you more often than not, hunting around for that perfect edge control product, no matter how long it takes or how much money it costs.

Product Build-Up is worse

If a dime size of a product is not enough, using too much of a product can also turn out to be a problem for you. Too much of product in the hair usually leads to a dry scalp, causing itchiness, flakes and stiff locks in the process. It will also necessitate frequent washing to remove the product, thus resulting in hair fall.

Wash Day lasts an entire Day

If you have 4C curls, trust washing your hair to be a process that takes an entire day. By washing, we also include drying, detangling, styling and treating, all of which will clearly make you cancel your plans for the rest of the day.

Brushing is a strict No-No

Girl with 4C curls do not have the luxury of using a brush to comb their hair. Chances are your brush will get stuck in between the curls and cause damage to your hair in the process. You can only make use of standard teeth combs to get your hair in place.

Wrong Haircut and you are finished

The worst thing about having 4C curls is that it limits your option when it comes to choosing an ideal haircut. Then again, you will need to choose the right haircut that will accentuate your face instead of making you look like a poodle.

Weather is not your best friend

The weather is a 4C curls girl’s arch enemy. While the humidity in summer can make your hair tangled and sticky, the frigid air in winter dries up your locks considerably. 

A girl with 4C curls will definitely identify several hair care struggles and relate to them on a daily basis. These struggles are enough to make any girl with extremely curly hair to wish them away for good.

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