Overcoming the fear of testosterone injections and using it for your benefit


You may be quite fit for your age, but you may have felt your body slow down and not supporting you the way it used to. You may be feeling tired and exhausted, facing unexplainable weight gain, anxiety, hair loss and so on. Yet, everything in your body is normal. As you age, the body does not produce adequate amount of testosterone and estrogen hormones, which could be causing all of these issues. A little outside help in the form of synthetic hormone injections or HRT injections will make you feel and look younger. Let’s learn more about injections and how they can help your body and make you look younger for years to come:

Better heart health


A recent study conducted on 6300 patients found that when they were given testosterone injections, it proved to be mildly protective for the heart. This was proved to be true especially in the case of patients who suffered from heart attacks.

Can prevent hair loss

Even though there are numerous common reasons for hair loss, it is a sore point for many women and causes a lot of emotional upheaval. It’s one of the notable signs of growing older. Hair loss can be controlled with hormone injections. A well-balanced hormone therapy can arrest hair fall; but too much testosterone will do the opposite.

Better bone health

bone density

HRT injections are beneficial for the bone health of both men and women. Bone density suffers the most with increasing age, so hormone injections can make your bones stronger. One study conducted on 36 men suffering from hypogonadism found testosterone injections improved their bone density too. Apart from that, hormone injections reduce bone reforming too.

Women who go for HRT therapy look and act as if they were 20 years younger. Due to their stronger bones, they are able to function in the same way they did in their youth. It also prevents osteoporosis, which are the most common problem facing women after menopause. By the way, women who are in their thirties too can start hormone therapy to keep many age related problems at bay.

Better muscle health

As a result of hormone injections, many men have noticed the improvement in their muscle mass. According to a study conducted on 76 elderly men, it was found that testosterone injections improved their lean muscle mass without any kind of exercise routine. For men, who are into strength training, they can see a much better increase. It does not mean that they would get back their high school body, but it certainly reduces the muscle decline.


Reduces body fat

Reduces body fat

Testosterone injections not only benefit muscles but also reduce body fat. With age, the levels of fat become higher, and it is harder to lose fat too. But with hormone therapy, the weekly testosterone injection can help to lose body fat.

If you’re not feeling as energetic as you were, experiencing hair loss and irritable mood etc, you can try using hormone replacement therapy to get back to normal, and lead an active life as you have always done.

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