Exploring Some of the Best Hair Oils for Hair Growth

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Growing a fine head full of healthy hair is a quest as old as the hills. Everyone knows a full head of healthy hair speaks well of its owner. “Only the healthiest, calmest and most beautiful people inside could sport such a head of hair on the outside,” is the common perception.

But, what about everyone else who is walking about with a head full of stories of a stressing job, over use of synthetic hair products and possibly thinning with age? Take hope if you feel your hair is a nothing but a dust mop and that it might be best to break out the straight razor and end it all with a crew cut.

While this is only an exaggerated scenario, the severe attrition of modern living on the human hair can’t be underestimated. If you hope to keep a healthy head of hair that will look good till you are old and gray, you will want to begin the process right away.

In the following article from Three Squares Soil, we will take a look at some easy to make hair serums that can be used often to boost the quality and appearance of your hair. These herbal products are all 100% natural and based around the efficacy of essential oils, and ingredients that have benefited humanity for thousands of years.

If you have been a slave to synthetic products and wondering why your hair is not what it ought to be, consider how any of the following healthy hair treatments can reverse the damage caused by residual chemical toxins. By renewing the hairs from the roots to the tips you can expect to begin the regeneration process that will make your hair what you always wanted it to be.

Castor Oil and Shea Butter Mask

Castor Oil

Castor oils have been valued for centuries for their rapid absorption into the skin and thereby, taking healthy nutrients into the body. The plant that produces the castor nuts from which this oil is derived, grows in Asia and Africa and can easily be identified by a metallic green stem.

Castor oil today is used extensively throughout the cosmetic and health industry. For the hair and skin, castor oil barriers high quantities of healthy antioxidants that help to eliminate toxins and reverse the signs of hair decay.

Vitamin E is another important substance found in castor oil that benefits hair in numerous ways. Vitamin E is also common for treating damaged and dry hair due to its potent moisturizing and revitalizing properties.

How to Use Castor Oil and Shea Butter Mask

Castor Oil can be used as the base for your own special brand of hair treatment for dry and dull hair. Simply add equal part shea butter and castor oil into a small container. A teaspoon of each will be more than enough for several treatments.

Because castor oil smells a bit strong, you will want to rinse your hair thoroughly a few hours after applying it to your hair. Make sure to work the hair serum thoroughly into the hair and scalp as well. If you sleep and wash it out of the hair in the morning, you can expect full benefits from the serum. Just use a nightcap or specific pillow case to keep the oils from staining your pillow.

Argan oil and Rosemary

Argan oil

This has been the original treatment for baldness since time immemorial, but modern medicine shows it as one of the best treatments for maintaining a full head of healthy hair. This one contains rosemary essential oils which are also high in antioxidants and also work to stimulate the flow of blood through the hair. Argan oils can make the hair smooth and soft. If you feel your hair is suffering from stress or environmental troubles, consider a protective poultice of Argan and Rosemary Essential Oils.

How to Use Argan and Rosemary Essential Oils

Rosemary essential oils are very concentrated and only two drops in a tablespoon of Argan oil will be enough. This is a fairly pleasant-smelling oil that can be worn lightly throughout the day. Rub it into the scalp for best results.

Grapeseed Oil

With such classy celebrity endorsement as Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, grapeseed oils are one of the most enduring hair treatments in existence. Hair that is dry and frizzy or out of control from humidity can find an effective all-day solution in grapeseed oils. The best thing about this oil is that it has no scent at all. This mask can be worn lightly for total control no one will detect.

How to Use Grapeseed Oils

Once your hair is clean and dry, dab a small amount of oil on the fingertips and lightly spread it through the hair. The smallest amounts produce a big effect so use sparingly.

Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea Tree For more extreme hair conditions that cause massive amounts of itching, hair loss and bad odor, nothing is more effective than this dynamic combination. Tea tree essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to deliver a deep cleaning to the hair and eliminate inflammation, redness, dandruff, and any other skin conditions.

Using Tea Tree Essential Oils

One important thing to remember here is that essential oils are especially potent concentrations of the plants chemicals. Tea tree oil is especially powerful and can potentially burn the skin and cause adverse reactions. Experts caution essential oils users to always test their potions, serums and poultices on a small section of skin to check for adverse reactions.

With tea tree oil you will need to be extra careful. One of the best ways to add tea tree oil to your beauty regime and hair care is to mix a single drop into your favorite shampoo, or two drops to large containers. Simply wash your hair as you normally would, taking time to allow the beneficial aromatic compounds to work their way into the skin.

Furthermore, you can add a drop of tea tree essential oils to a tablespoon of carrier oil like coconut oils. Add two more drops of lavender essential oils and you have a very soothing and relaxing hair treatment that will help you sleep at night.

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