Natural practices towards longer and fuller eyelashes

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If a woman’s eye tells you the story, then eyelashes are the threads which knit them beautifully into a single piece. If you look closely into the eyelashes, you will find the wings of a bird so eagerly trying to flap and fly. It is a kind of a freedom which it wants to experience by opening its wings wide open in the sky.

fuller eyelashes (2)

In order to ensure that the threads of your story are long enough to grab the attention of the person who is trying to read it, it is of prime importance to knit it as naturally as you can. So, why look for some artificial means when there are a lot natural ways to make it look longer and fuller? Here is a list of natural ways of doing the same.

Take care of your eyelashes

After you have applied makeup, ensure that you have cleaned your eyes properly because if you haven’t, then it will break your eyelashes easily. While washing off the mascara or the Kohl, don’t just pull off your hair follicles as it undoes the effort that you have put into it.

Apply Vaseline

Apply Vaseline on your eye lid before going to sleep as it will give more volume to your eye lashes and helps in giving a fuller look.

Apply Oil

Coconut, castor, and Jojoba oil are rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps in lengthening your lashes. Apply it with the help of a brush every day to get the results.

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Massage your eye lids

A nice massage to your eyelids everyday can help in strengthening your hair follicles, which tend to break if proper care is not taken.

Intake of Vitamin E

Vitamin E tends to play a vital role in determining the length of your eyelashes. If your diet is rich in Vitamin E, it will be quite beneficial for your lashes. Try to have a good diet, which should be inclusive of vegetables and fruits which helps in hair growth.

fish diet_5

Protein rich food

Having protein rich food which is usually found in egg and fish can be a good way of growing eyelashes which can back out and make you look gorgeous. So let it experience the freedom, which it wants to by letting it flutter callously and flying freely in the air.

Make sure you sleep well and have oodles of rest too. That alone is ample to appear stunning.

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