9 Tips to choose the best night perfume

Night perfumes

With an array of fragrances available, choosing the best is often a tough task. A best night perfume should be chosen in accordance with an occasion. It should suit your personality, should not be very strong and fragrance should linger on. We have put together some tips to help you choose the best night perfume.

1. Understand your personality

Wear a perfume according to your personality. If your things are gourmet food, wine, adrenaline rush, etc. then you have to choose one of the spicy and sexy scents. For the traditional girls, you can choose from classical and floral fragrances. Other scents you may wish to try include amber, fruity, spicy, woody and floral scents. Let the best scent bring out your personality in the best possible manner.

2. Your skin and scent

Before deciding on a particular scent, it is better to test it on your skin. Test it on your pulse points, if you will be using it for quite some times. The test is necessary because the effect of the scent can vary according to the skin type. What smells good on your friend may not be good on you. So do the test, wait for a few minutes and find out how it works out. If there is no change in the smell, you can buy it.

3. Check the notes

Understand every kind of note and the olfactory factor related to every scent. The notes are of three types – the high notes, the middle notes and the bass note. The high notes are the immediate fresh notes, the middle notes are those that emerge out just after the high notes settle and come from the heart of the perfume and the bass notes are the true heavy and deep notes that clearly bring out the fragrance of the scent. So analyze each note before buying.

4. Difference between EDT and EDP

Choosing the best formula is extremely important. First of all, you have to know the difference between EDT and EDP. EDT is Eau de Toilette and EDP is Eau de Perfum. EDT has low concentration of alcohol and perfume oil of about 4-8%. This is best for everyday use. Whereas EDP has a higher concentration of alcohol and perfume oil. So it is the best wear for special nights.

5. The Lasting fragrance

The fragrance of a perfume depends on the concentration of its ingredients – the alcohol and the perfume oil. If you are using an EDP, it has about 8-15% of the perfume essence and it will last for over 3-5 hours. If you want something more heavy then you have to choose from Parfums. They have heavier fragrance and last longer too. They are expensive as well. You will find about 15-30% of the essence in these types and will last for at least 6-8 hours.

6. Use it in the right place

Most of the women prefer to wear the fragrance in the area where they wish to be kissed. So use your favorite fragrance on your pulse points and areas like your neck, décolletage, behind the ears and knees, inside the wrists and elbows, etc. These places are known to be warmer than the rest of your body. So the perfume stays longer after reacting with the warmth of your body.

7. Night notes

As you already know, there are several unique fragrances. Some are meant for the day while some of them for the night. Certain ingredients are preferably used for producing night fragrances. Some of the ingredients popular in this aspect are sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, musk, amber and vanilla. All these are known for their deep and intense night fragrances.

8. Bring out the scent

While wearing the scent, use the technique of layering. By layering, you will be locking in the fragrance thereby making it to last long. By layering, you will be using more than one form of application of the same scent. Begin with a scented shower gel. Use an equivalent or matching body lotion. Seal these layers by using your favorite perfume on the top.

9. The Place you need to go

The most important thing you have to remember while choosing the night fragrance is the occasion or the place you are going. If you have to be in the middle of a crowd, you should use a heavy-scented one. But, if you are alone or spending the night with your special someone, you have to avoid using overwhelming fragrances. It could create a negative effect. So choose from subtle and light scents to delight your partner.

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