Last-minute tips for a perfect beach body

perfect beach body

Summer hols are nearing for most of us and it is high time to lose weight and try to look your best. This is the case regardless of whether you are near or above your ideal weight. We all know that details can always be refined in order to look your best on those sandy strips, and it is not just a matter of weight and fat mass. So, if you have been working out hard during the year, it would be a shame to let loose just ahead of your trip!

Fear not though – in order to help you refine that flawless body before your departure, we decided to share some of the best last-minute tips for a perfect beach body.



There are some really intensive workout options available for those who need to sculpt up those muscles a tad more ahead of take off. Regardless of whether you live in London or the countryside, these exercises can be done in any indoor space and will not leave you wanting a last-minute liposuction.  For the upper body and ads, repeated series of caterpillar walks are among the best options. Just bring your hands to the floor, for a usual push-up position. Do one push-up, don’t move your hands and walk your feet towards the front. Get back to a normal standing position before repeating.

If you are after even more impactful workouts, there are dozens different options based on core movements and leg reach exercises. A yoga mat is in most cases all you need to practice.

Less sugar, more fibre

No need to change your diet drastically ahead of vacations – just make sure you reduce the intake of unnecessary foods such as sweets and fatty meats and load on vitamin-rich alternatives such as summer vegetables and fruit. Fibre-rich nutrients such as raw cereals and nuts are also great for your health and reduce your sense of hunger when you need an energy boost. Also remember that both alcohol and carbonated drinks have an impact on body fat, so always prioritize water.

Follow a regular sleep pattern

regular sleep pattern

Few habits are as negative for your body and looks as lack of sleep. It is a well-known fact that short sleep hours will mess up with your skin and face, so always try and get at least a 8-hour sleep starting a month before your holiday. As a result, your facial muscles and skin will look more relaxed, and unsightly eye bags will be nowhere to be seen. What’s more, going to bed earlier as part of a regular sleeping pattern helps you burn your calories more easily, so you will need to snack a lot less the following day.

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