Review: 3 Things To Know About FabFitFun

by DrPrem Jagyasi

FabFitFun is a beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion magazine based in California. Their purpose is to bring women everything they need to know to feel good about themselves inside and out. An amazing thing about FabFitFun is that they bring women the knowledge of how to look and feel great.

Wellness & Life

FabFitFun emphasizes wellness through exercise tips, balanced meals, and other tips that will help make you feel and look healthier. They also talk about women health issues and relationships because both are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness & Life pages of FabFitFun are the ones kept most up to date. The info provided in these pages serves as an ideal tool for women who wish to feel and look great. The focus clearly is on exercise and relationships and not on makeup and clothes.

Beauty & Style


FabFitFun doesn’t emphasize on their beauty and style as much doesn’t mean they just left it behind. Beauty & Style is still a major part of this magazine. Through beauty, FabFitFun focuses on new makeup tricks, best beauty products, and any other beauty hacks and tips you can think of. FabFitFun further hunts down on the best deals on the cutest clothes and decor and brings them to you through their magazine.

The Box

FabFitFun offers their VIP members a new seasonal box every three months. These boxes entail handpicked items by the FabFitFun team. These items are the full size and premium product, not just small samples. In the editor’s box in the winter of 2016, the Naked eye palette made an appearance so you know that you are getting good products for the price you are paying. Boxes are $49.99 four times a year with free shipping and with a FabFitFun coupon it can be even cheaper. These boxes fetched rave reviews from Electric Glamour, a YouTuber, who said, “I am very impressed. There are definitely many goodies in this box. I just think it’s a really cool concept and I love that it’s focused on being healthy!”


So, FabFitFun is one of the best magazines for every woman. It serves their purpose of bringing women everything they need to feel and look good, whether it’s through the beauty box or their magazine. Last but not least, FabFitFun inspires women to stay fit, eat right, and helps them to avoid the wrong products.

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