5 Ways To Improve Your Skin Immediately


It’s natural for beauty conscious individuals to present their best face to the world; but, with all the chemicals in the food you digest and all the stress-induced premature wrinkle lines and pockmarks, it can be difficult.

When you look good, you feel good, which is more important than anyone else’s assessment of your appearance. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to improve your health and your appearance ranging from the natural to the cosmetic solutions.

Reduce Your Stress Levels


If stress is taking its toll on you, the experts at Corpina, for example, recommend improving your dopamine levels. It can be achieved by including avocado, watermelon, green tea and almonds in your diet. You also have supplements available, in case you have trouble getting the necessary elements from your diet.

If you combine a change in your diet with an exercise routine and drinking a lot of water, then you’ll notice greater improvements in your skin even faster. Exercise has a wonderful way of reducing stress, as does the cool-down period afterwards. Put your favorite music on, and let your troubles melt away as your brain gets flooded with dopamine. You’ll see amazing effects of your skin in no time.

Avoid Exposure to Poor Air Quality

This one is relatively easy to do, unless you’re a smoker. It’s a proven fact that the nicotine and other pollutants in cigarette smoke trigger the release of skin-damaging free radicals. The primary problem with free radicals is that the “loose” electron is free to damage cells, which has the effect of prematurely aging your skin and organs.

If you want to take it a step further, consider installing an indoor air filter, and change the filter regularly. If you have a home comfort system consisting of either an HVAC or a furnace, change the filter regularly to minimize the entrance of pollutants into the household. If you have problems with dry skin, consider investing in a humidifier.

Even frequent cooking with oil can be detrimental to your skin. Ensure to steer clear from using one of those over-the-countertop fans that carry away the pollutants.

Get A Full Night’s Sleep

This one flies under the radar far too often, as too many adults let the rigors of their daily life interrupt their sleep patterns. When you sleep, your body heals almost twice as quickly as when you’re awake. All the repair mechanisms go into overdrive.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, the chemicals cortisol and adrenaline will manifest in greater quantity in response to the extra stress you’re placing on your sleep-deprived body. If you can manage about eight hours of sleep per day, you’ll start to see improvements in your skin. 

Advanced Skin Care

Even if you do all of the above, the inexorable march of age and life in a smoggy city can cause skin problems that cannot be solved. Alternatively, maybe you simply dislike that particularly pronounced line in the middle of your forehead.

At the Dr. Julio Garcia Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, you can solve issues like this in no time. You can get a facelift, lipo, a tummy tuck and more to improve the appearance of your skin and overall look. Why go around feeling dissatisfied with yourself when a solution is easy and quick?

Now that you’re equipped with several ways to improve the quality of your skin, think up a strategy you’ll be able to stick to and radiate the confidence from within.

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