Krikawa wedding rings represent true nature of relationship

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The process of conceiving and creating unique rings for women takes a special kind of team to bring everything together. Such is the case with custom wedding rings by Krikawa. Members of their design and manufacturing team are motivated to provide a unique experience to customers seeking unusual wedding and engagement ring sets. Award winning leaders in the industry, the Krikawa team has a history rich in innovation in both design and manufacture of unique rings for women. 

Most often, customers will send ideas, concepts and drawing of what they are looking for by e-mail. Others bring catalogue images/product numbers and descriptions right to the store. Still others call them to discuss what they want and how it can become a reality. No matter how the idea gets to the Krikawa design team, they can turn possibility to reality using a tried and true, simple process to get there.

The design team looks at each custom wedding ring project very closely while applying their many, many years of experience to ensure a solid design. Once the customer has approved the design, the manufacture team begins working on it immediately. At this point, the selection of diamonds of various shapes, sizes, colors, and quality are combined with all the other choices in terms of precious stones; and then, they are mounted onto a unique setting. All the careful planning and exhaustive design work now becomes a precious, unique ring that will be treasured for years to come.

It is critical to understand what has occurred. Krikawa has moved an idea from notion to reality – and idea that customers can hold in the palm of their hand. And what could possibly match the unique nature of every custom wedding ring by Krikawa? Well, each custom-ring represents the unique nature of a relationship.

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