Quick beauty hacks to look your shiniest best every morning

Sleep on silk

Your hectic morning routine may or may not permit you to perfect your look every morning. There’s just time enough for quick brush through your hair and maybe dab on a little lipstick but that’s all. However, there are some quick beauty hacks that will help you in looking your best, with the minimum of effort and time. Read on to find out some tips which can help you look gorgeous:

Plan the night before

flawless beauty

Plan not only your outfit beforehand, but also your accessories and shoes. Working out which shade of lipstick, liner, eyeshadow and so on, in advance, will guarantee a hassle free morning.

Skip the liner

You can opt for a look which can help to skip the messy eyeliner. It’s the liner which takes up the most time in the morning – choose a dark shade of mascara or eye shadow instead, which will bring out your eyes just as well as liner. Why not go for the smokey eye look, which is very in these days, and hardly takes any time to perfect?

Use a balm stain which multi-tasks


A balm stain is a multitasking makeup solution for your lips and cheek. Just use this one thing in the morning to look fresh and hydrated. This will make you look great even if you haven’t rested well the whole night.

Fix those flyways fast

It usually happens especially on days you need to look great but are running late, and when you’ve got everything right – you notice those wispy hair strands that will just won’t go down. Don’t start all over again, but take a clean and dry toothbrush, spray some hairspray on the brush and smooth those flyways in no time at all.

Sleep on silk

Sleep on silk

Some say that sleeping on silk pillowcases could be gentler on your face and hair. This is because silk does not absorb moisture, thus leading to less breakouts and frizz. This means you have to spend less time de-frizzing your hair and covering up pimples in the morning.

Prevent puffy eyes rather than curing them

As you don’t have time to put cucumber slices on your eyes in the morning, it’s better to prevent puffy eyes than trying to heal them. You can do this by sleeping on two pillows as the raised head helps fluids to drain from under the eyes when you sleep.

Tinted moisturizer can replace bronzer and foundation


Double duty makeup can reduce the time you spend in front of your mirror. Tinted moisturizer which is one shade darker than your skin tone will brighten up your face, and moisturize it at the same time. You can apply it easily too. This is one really good beauty tip you can use whenever you’re in a hurry.

Color cheeks and eyes with the same eye shadow

Eye shadows and blushes can be used in place of each other. Choose the shade which suits both your eyes and cheeks and you are good to go.

No more chipped polish

nail colours

Save time and have great looking nails by carrying around wipes which can remove chipped polish instantly, whenever you want. If you want to dry your nails in a minute, then dip them in a bowl of ice water.

Use coconut oil

Coconut has so many benefits for your skin that it’s hard to count them all. Slather your face and hair with coconut oil and you’d be rewarded with the softest hair and skin.

When you have no time in the morning to leisurely apply makeup or do your hair in the style that you want, these quick time-saving beauty hacks will help you in getting that perfect well-groomed look.

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