How to use skin care products judiciously

Skin Care

We use several products to keep our skin beautiful such as moisturizer, sunscreen, gels, serum, and cleansers. All these products form a part of our skin care routine. It is very important to know the correct steps to apply these products to get results. Skin care is divided into two phases: Day and Night. This is so because skin requires different degrees of attention and care at different times. If you apply skin care products in correct sequence then your skin really glows.

Day Skin Care
Skin care starts from the moment you wake up. Follow our recommended regimen to get the best results:


1. Cleanser
Skin should be clean. So, cleanse your face well to remove dirt and other impurities. If you have cleansed your face well before sleeping at night than deep cleansing is not required in the morning. Neutrogena cleanser is appropriate for dry skin whereas Cetaphil cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

It is used to give a fresh look to the face. Applying toner to the face will soothe your face and give it a refreshing look. It helps to remove excessive oil from the face.

3. Serums/Gels
Apply them in thinner quantity on your skin. It will tighten the skin and will give a fresh look to your face.

4. Eye cream
It will help you protect the sensitive skin near the eyes and prevents damage that could be caused due to pollution. Marek Hewryk Day eye cream is perfect to use and it reduces puffiness around the eyes giving a soft feel.

5. Moisturizer
It will provide moisture to the skin. Applying moisturizer at this stage will lock all the products you have applied earlier.The Kimberly Sayer Restore cream is a perfect moisturizing cream that suits all skin types.

6. Sunscreen
Sunscreens are applied after the moisturizer to save the skin from the harmful sun rays by keeping the moisture intact in the skin. It is advised to use sunscreen of SPF 15 and above as it shields the skin against all harmful radiations.

Night Skincare
After a long day skin gets tired and has suffered a lot from pollution. So, it should be cleaned properly before going to bed. Night care is necessary as it balances the skin care.


1. Cleansing
Start with cleansing the skin. It will remove all the dust from the skin and help in opening the skin pores. All the makeup that has been put up during the day comes off with this process.

2. Night moisturizer
Apply moisturizer after cleansing the skin well as it might appear dry. It is very beneficial in removing dryness from the skin.

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