10 Fundamental make up tips for a stunning look

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Different skin tones demand different make up. Use these few handy tips before applying the makeup and then you are ready to dazzle for the world!

1. Moisturizer
Don’t forget to apply the correct moisturizer as it binds moisture to the skin giving it a smooth look. Moisturizer makes your skin soft, silky, and lively. It acts as base for the makeup you are about to put on.

2. Concealer
It is applied to give a flawless complexion to the skin. It hides all unwanted spots and dark circles on the skin. The concealer should always be selected according to the skin type. Concealer appears gray or ashy on dark complexioned people. So, they can opt for golden or orange undertones to balance out their skin color.

3. Powder
Applying powder to the skin will allow the concealer to stay for a longer time. It will certainly give a fresh look to your face and going for a neutral powder is the best option as it goes well with all skin types.

4. Eye make up
Eye makeup is essential as it attracts the attention instantly. For day functions use light color eye shadow like light pink or mauve whereas you can use dark and smoky eye make up for events at night like midnight blue, shades of gray, black, and violet.

Make Up Tips

5. Cheeks
A blush is necessary as it can brighten your complexion and give a glowing touch to the skin. Cheek color certainly makes a difference to the appearance. Shades of red and pink go well with all skin types.

6. Body Glitter
You can apply body glitter according to the skin tone. It gives a shiny and elegant look to the body. Gold body glitter shines in the day time. Instead, you can apply bronzer which helps in giving a velvety shade to dark skinned people.

Make up 4

7. Nail Art
Nail art has recently emerged as the latest style statement. Doing nail art according to the dress you are wearing really compliments the way you look. There are several kinds of nail art available for a beautiful look.

8. Lipstick
An appropriate lip color completes the look. Always choose lipstick according to your skin type. You can even choose color according to the clothes you are wearing.

Make Up Tips

9. Understand the occasion
Applying appropriate makeup for the occasion is very necessary. Never apply loud make up for the parties in the day.

10. Temporary body tattoo
Applying a temporary body tattoo will make you look different. This kind of makeup should only be done for the pool parties, beach party, and evening parties. Remember you know your body best. So, apply make up that suits your skin tone and goes well with your look for the day.

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