Try oil cleansing for a glowing skin

Oil Cleansing

Our skin comes in contact with a lot of harmful chemicals daily and needs proper nourishment to feel healthy and young. Oil cleansing method is great for keeping skin in shape by taking care of it on daily basis. It is a very simple method and can be easily performed at night before going to bed. It removes all dirt, dust, and make up that has settled on your skin throughout the day.

You can mix two or three oils according to your skin type to have a good cleansing effect on skin. Castor oil is considered as most effective for cleansing and suits all skin types. The following oils have numerous qualities that can act as a boon for your skin and be a part of your skin care:

1. Jojoba is beneficial for acne prone skin.

2. Avocado oil is good for dry skin and prevents sign of aging.

3. Almond oil provides vitamin E, which helps the skin to glow and look young.

Oil Cleansing 1

How to Use Oil for Skin Cleansing:

1. Pour a few drops of your preferred oil onto your palm and rub it gently all over your face with a gentle pressure.
2. Now give a massage to your face with the oil. It will help to remove all the dirt from the face.
3. Massaging gently with soft hands will let the pores of the skin absorb the oil and the cleansing ritual will be really effective.
4. You can follow the process for 10 minutes and concentrate on the areas which require attention.
5. Relax your skin and let it enjoy all the attention and care and calmly enjoy the process.
6. Give oil plenty of time to soak inside the skin and drag impurities from the skin.
7. Once you are convinced that you have nourished your skin well with the oil and ready to clean it – Take a clean cloth dipped in hot water and gently move it on your face to wipe the excessive oil out of it.
8. Repeat the process at least thrice with the cloth dipped in hot water.
9. If your skin feels tight after the whole process than rub a bit of oil on your face again. With all this your skin is ready again to breathe and feel young.

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