4 Anime-Inspired Gift Ideas for Your Otaku Friend

Canned Bread

Do you want to give a gift to someone who’s into anime? We don’t mean someone that just watches anime; we mean someone who REALLY loves anime – an otaku. If it was anybody else, they’ll probably just come up with a gift such as a shirt or mug that has an anime character printed on it. However, that won’t matter much for your otaku friend.

If you want something that they will surely remember, check out these awesome anime-inspired gift ideas.

  1. Anime-themed Makeup

Otaku Friend

The bests gifts are the ones that can be a part of their daily life but, as we pointed out earlier, shirts or mugs won’t do because they’re too cliché. In fact, there’s a good chance that your otaku friend already has anime-inspired shirts or mugs and your gift will just get tucked away underneath the rest of their anime-printed clothes or in the cupboard. Instead, go for anime-inspired everyday items.

If your friend uses makeup, a great suggestion would be shoujo-themed makeup collections by Creer Beaute. Special mention goes to their Sailor Moon-inspired makeup products that look like they came straight out of the classic anime series. They’re so well-made that they could easily pass as live-action replicas. Moon Crystal Power, make up!

  1. Canned Bread

Canned Bread

Do you want to give your otaku friend something tasty as a treat? No, not sushi. Your otaku friend probably ate some sushi the night before. Instead, look for canned bread. Yep, bread in a can. You’re probably wondering why something as simple as canned bread would ever be important to otaku culture.

This unusual trend among the otaku community started during the latter half of 2000, when a Japanese company started making canned bread labeled with art from CLANNAD, one of the most popular anime titles ever. Since then, this novelty bread product has become a favorite of anime fanatics. It’s even better if you can find canned bread labeled with art from your friend’s favorite anime.

  1. Anime-themed Flash Drive


If there’s one thing your otaku friend will always do, it’s watch anime and listen to anime soundtracks as much as they can. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the option to stream their favorite anime episodes. Giving them a way to keep their previous files at arm’s reach isn’t just awesome, it’s also very practical!

Anime-inspired flash drives come in all shapes and sizes. Some have popular anime characters printed on them, while others are shaped like items or characters from different anime series. If you want to take it to the next level and you know what your otaku friend likes, you can put HD-quality episodes in the flash drive before giving it to them!

  1. Dakimakura

dakimakura is a large body pillow

A dakimakura is a large body pillow. It’s soft and fluffy and lets your otaku friend get a chance to hug their favorite anime characters. Because of its size, a dakimakura can have life-sized prints of popular anime characters. Otaku love them so much that the humble body pillow has become a major part of being a hardcore anime fan.

You’ll probably notice that most anime-inspired dakimakura have prints on both sides of the pillow case. One side usually has an anime character looking what they usually look like, and the other side has the same character but wearing sexy bedwear. Dakimakura sold online show the prints on both sides so you get to choose the design most appropriate for your otaku friend’s age.

Any hardcore fan would appreciate products related to their fandom, and that’s no different with an otaku. Try any of these gift ideas and your otaku friend will have something awesome for them to remember you by.

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