Have a look at this and dark underarms won’t be a problem anymore

A lot of people are uncomfortable with dark underarms and may feel uncomfortable going sleeveless. Though there is no harm if your underarms aredark, but with regards to flaunting of skin, there are ways which help in brightening them or having them match your overall skin tone.

Dark underarms often happen due to medical conditions and in that case, you should get yourself checked. Some of the common reasons for this are shaving or building up of dead skin cells. Often it also happens due to essecive sweating. Some people also believe it to be because of deodorants. Overweight, pregnancy, fungal infections, armpit scratching, excessive exposure to UV light are also some causes of underarm darkening.

There are always solutions to things and a little bit of working on the same can help us to achieve what we want. So lets get few tips which actually help reducing the darkness.

First thing to be done is hair removal.In this case, you should be careful if you have sensitive armpits. Dark underarms are mostly caused due to excessive sweating, the easiest way to reduce sweating is removal of underarm hair.

This might not drastically change the color of your skin but regular removal of hair will also remove dead skin cells which will help skin to sweat less. It is recommended to wax which will remove dead skin cells as other methods will not help appropriately.

Once the skin is clean and free from dead skin, the dermatologist suggest a few houseold tips which can help to reduce the darkness. Check these out.

  1. The All Rounder Lemon tecnique

Lemons are often used for some or the other purpose and it truly heps. In the same way lemon also wonderfully helps to reduce the darkening of underarms. Half an hour before going for the shower, cut a lemon into half and scrub one half on both the undersarms and make this a practice for a week and gradually you can do this twice a week.

  1. The Magic of Baking soda

baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most popular remedies for dark armpits. It works as scrub to exfoliate the skin along with getting rid of rigid dead cells which don’t come out even after waxing.

Take a Table Spoon of Baking Soda and make thick paste using water and apply it on the underarms and scrub for a few minutes and leave it for 15 mins before rising it off with water. This should be repeated thrice a week initally and once you seee better results, make it a practice to do it atleast once a week.

  1. Use of Orange Peels

Use of Orange Peels

Dried peels should be mixed with rosewater and milk to form a thick paste and apply it on the armpits and leave it for half an hour before rising with running water. This is also very helpful for armpit itch.

  1. Gram Flour Pack


Make a paste using a table spoon of gram flour, pinch of turmeric, a spoon of milk, few drops of lemons and a spoon full of honey. Leave the same on the armpit for not less than 20 minutes and repeat for atleast two weeks regularly and then see the magical results.

After the armpitshave got good results, make sure not to leave them as it is, as without proper care, there are chances that the armpit going dark again!

Regularly exfoliate the underarms by using creams which contain lactic acid or moisturise before gowing to bed. As we wash our face before sleeping, make it a habbit of cleaning the armpits with a wet towel.

Also, having a proper diet which contains fibers and proteins and exercising regularly results in better health condition and gives overall results to any body related problems.

If none of these methods work for you, then it is better to consult a doctor to know whether you are suffering from acanthosis nigricans which a skin disorder that results in velvety, brown-black markings in the areas which include underarms.

This condition normally occurs due to obesity, or an endocrine (glandular) disorder often seen in diabitic people, pituitary gland disorders, growth hormone therapy, hypothyroidism, or frequent use of oral contraceptives. The doctor shall guide you after taking few tests of your skin and put you under proper medication if needed.

While dark underarms aren’t a problem, they do look better if they match your overall skintone. A few simple home remedies will solve the problem of dark underarms in a jiffy.

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