Bad Beauty Habits & How To Break Them

Stop biting your nails

All of us are always concerned about the way our skin or our hair or our nails look. Even a small problem with our skin, hair or nails gets us worried. But did you know that most of the times it is our bad beauty habits which are making them suffer! Therefore, it is important that we identify these habits and make sure that we take the necessary steps to get rid of these habits.

Makeup is not to be worn forever

This is one of the most common problems. We are just too lazy to remove the makeup and go to sleep with it. As a result, your delicate skin, eyelashes etc suffer. This has a detrimental effect on your skin. You will notice under eye dark circles, problems of acne etc. Therefore, make it a point to remove the makeup with a good quality make up remover. Wash your face with a mild soap and only then go to bed.


Have some mercy on your hair

Some of us have this bad habit of blow drying and ironing your hair every day. To make things worst we even keep fidgeting with it and curling our hair with our fingers. We may think that this makes you look stylish but the fact is that you are actually spoiling your hair. These habits will lead to hair fall, thinning of hair etc. Therefore let your hair dry naturally. If you cannot resist playing and curling your hair with your fingers, then it is better you tie them so that you don’t touch them.

Use of extremely hot water and over scrubbing

Yes, it feels like heaven when you immerse your body in a hot water tub or have a hot shower. But using extremely hot water is harmful to your skin. Your skin will lose moisture and will become dry. Therefore, get into the habit of using lukewarm water. Another bad habit that some of us have is scrubbing face and body a bit too much while having a bath. Scrubbing is good as it helps remove the dead skin cells but that does not mean you go overboard and hurt your skin. Scrub your skin very gently. Over a period of time, you will realize that it helps in removing the dead skin cells and at the same time does not hurt your skin.

Stop biting your nails

Stop biting your nails

Keep in mind that there are better things to eat than your nails. So stop biting those nails. Biting of nails will make your nails look small and awful. Besides this is a really bad habit. You may swallow those pieces of nails and worst still if your hands are not clean, then you end up eating dirt and germs. Try to wear gloves so that when you put your fingers in your mouth, those gloves remind you that you should not be biting your nails.

Forgetting to apply sunscreen

We know the harmful effects that the UV rays of the sun can have on our skin. Still many of us forget to apply sunscreen when we venture out during the hot summer afternoon. Therefore it is better to keep a bottle of sunscreen in your bag and also keep one on a shelf next to the door. Also, try to make use of glares and sun hat.

Dirty pillows and bedsheets

If you don’t wash your pillows and bedsheets at a regular interval, all the dirt, dust and germs on them are going to have an adverse effect on your skin and hair. Therefore make sure that you wash then regularly.

These are some common bad habits which can create havoc for your beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, make sure that you take measures to get rid of these habits.

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