4 Tips for sensitive armpits

Taking proper care of sensitive armpitsArmpits are one of the most sensitive parts of the body which are vulnerable to infection and bad odor. Proper attention is required to keep the armpits flawless and satin soft. Especially, the ladies who wear sleeveless costume needs to take special care of their armpits as its revealing. Your armpit, if giving a bad odor, can be a disgusting thing for the passersby. Moreover, if proper care of the armpit is not taken, it may develop fungal infection thus cause itching. Therefore, it is necessary that we know about the precautionary and care measure to be taken to make our armpits healthy and problem free.

Moreover, certain deodorants that contains harsh chemical can cause lumps on the armpit leading to serious complication. Thus, one needs to be extra careful before choosing a deodorant and make a proper search about the quality of the product.

Read on to know about 4 tips that would help you keep your sensitive armpit flawless and healthy.

1. Razor it less often

Your armpit is tender and subtle, so managing it with care becomes a responsibility. It is inevitable to shave the hair on our armpit. Even the dermatologists advice to shave the hair as it reduces the body odor and hygienically perfect. When it comes to shaving, razor is the first thing that comes to the mind. But, take care to see if the razor is of good quality and does not create mess while shaving. The best way to get a good razor is by spending some more money from your kitty. Regular replacement of disposable razor is a great idea to avoid unnecessary irritation. If the same blade is getting used a number of times, then it can surely cause major infections like itching, bump and even make the armpit dark. So better beware.

2. Replace razor with waxing

If you really want to remove your armpit hair, waxing is the ultimate method for hair removal. It is safe at the same time does not cause any type of infection. Once you have got the waxing done you can move around care freely for the next 2 to 3 weeks. The tender and sliky skin that you get after waxing will be just loved by you. So, replace the irritating razor with waxing and feel the change. The hair removal creams are even more cantankerous for the skin as they make the armpit tanned.

3. Choosing the right deodorant

It is very necessary for the people with sensitive armpit to choose a deodorant or antiperspirant which is skin friendly and does not cause any burning sensation. The chemical which are present in the deodorant can be harmful for the skin and cause several side effects like skin rashes and itching. Never apply a deodorant soon after using a razor. This may lead to itchy rashes and ingrown hair. The worst thing is that you may also get dark underarms which are awful. For those who have less sweating can substitute deodorant to talcum powder as a healthy alternative.

4. Protect the armpit from fungus

Fungus affects sensitive armpits fast. So, remember to properly dry the armpit with towel every time you take a bath. If this is not done the skin is sure to get fungal infection. Prevention is always better than cure.

Via: Ehow

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