HandBags to flaunt this season

If you thought winters was just about warm clothes and mittens, think again. Check out these handbags that are a must-have and must-flaunt this season.


HandBags to flaunt this season

Fashion knows no season and the cold weather is all the more reason that we can indulge in some really cool handbags that are trending this season. There is a handbag for all the moods and clothes you’d be wearing this season. So come rain, come winter, a handbag is essential and the cold weather is not an excuse to ditch it, especially if they are as exquisite as these-


  • Briefcase – The briefcase has been letting us drool for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Briefcases are still very in and more so now because they would go perfectly with all those warm clothes you would be donning to brave the cold weather. The briefcase inspired design also found it s way to a lot of runway shows indicating that the working woman was very much on all the designers’ mind. A briefcase-inspired design is trendy and so very practical. Choose a size to suit all your needs when you go for this handbag.


  • Fur – What can be so indicative of winter than fur ? Fur is the perfect solution to winters, warm and so comfy. A lot of designers have taken the cue and are opting for their signature handbags to be covered in fur to welcome and suit the winter season . That way, you can have a blend of both worlds, your favorite handbag customized to suit the weather better. You also do not have to worry that you have to stick to only neutrals. There are a lot of choices in the colors of fur as well, pink, white, fuchsia , to name a few.


  • Bright- colors – Winters do not have to be dull and boring with neutral shades. Fashion challenges the safe route taken every year by opting to go for summery and very bright colors to add a pop to the dreary winters. The one bright handbag added to your monochrome outfit will add color to your whole look and make it all the more fun and interesting.


  • Cylinder – This quirky design , be it in handbags or clutches adds a whole new dimension to your look. This design was followed long ago but the new age designers have brought in some very new and interesting experiments which are working well this season.


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