Natural Scrubs at home

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Scrubs are essential to rejuvenate your skin and bring back some life into it. Try out these easy homemade and perfectly natural recipes for scrubs for the perfectly nourished skin.


Natural Scrubs at home

Scrubbing exfoliates the skin, bringing a certain freshness and glow to the skin. All your dead skin is got rid of , leaving your skin radiant. Scrubs that we purchase from stores are expensive and full of chemicals. Why not make your own natural scrub at home instead of going for expensive products and chemicals?


  • Coffee Body Scrub – Coffee is good for the hair as well as the skin.Combine two cups of coarse ground coffee, half a cup of raw sugar and three tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Set it aside for a while and take a hot shower . Washing yourself with warm water will open up your pores. After this, apply the coffee mix onto your skin in circles with firm pressure, like you are massaging. Let the mix sink into your skin and then shower to rinse off the remains. Pat dry and then apply lotion.


  • Almond Oatmeal Scrub – Almond is a magic ingredient when it comes to skin or hair, the exact reason why you find it in so many products like hair-oils, lotions and even lip-balms. Make your own almond scrub by mixing almonds, oatmeal and sage in a blender or a food processor. Set aside the mix in an airtight container and use only the amount you would need. Mix it well with yogurt and then apply gently on skin and rinse off with cold water. Pat dry and apply lotion.


  • Lemon Salt Glow – Sea-salts are a favorite when it comes to giving life back to dull and dead skin, besides their common use in baths to alleviate stress and other issues. Combine these salts with almond oil and a very small amount of lemon zest to get the perfect recipe for a scrub. Lemon is a natural reservoir of antioxidants and almond oil nourishes the skin through and through. While combining, take care not to use water at all since it will dissolve the salts. Before showering, apply the mix onto your skin and body with your hands using firm pressure. Take a shower and do not put too much pressure on the skin while rinsing it off. Pat dry and apply gentle moisturizer.

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