How to look perfect for a pool party

Pool parties can be so much fun and especially a great way to socialize and make new friends. IF you are planning to go to one soon, check out these tips on how you can be a total beach babe at he pool.


How to look perfect for a pool party

  • The right clothes – Bikinis and swimsuits are a no-brainer when it comes to a pool party. Do not shy away from either one. All of the people would be donning ones themselves so you would feel out of place only if you weren’t wearing one. Choose one that suits your body type. Tankinis are a good choice for most of us. And of course, be comfortable with what you wear.


  • The right accessories – Accessorize your look and make it more interesting by wearing jewellery and we do not mean the expensive ones. Wear something that is not loose because it might come off when you go into the water. Instead wear a pair of studs or bright glittery hair-clips to serve the purpose. Another essential is a cool pair of shades on your eyes. Opt for huge chunky ones which are perfect for a pool-party.


  • The right footwear – Wear a super cute pair of flip-flops to the party. They look good and are the most sensible footwear near water.


  • The right look – Add layers to your bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits by wrapping a skirt or a sarong around your waist. You can also try out boleros and string tops which look uber chic. When it comes to being around water, natural waves look the best. It is also a sensible hairstyle since getting into the water will hardly leave room for any other hairstyle that you put effort into. Go for curling cream or a gel right before you come out of the shower before going to the party and scrunch your hair.


  • The right make-up – All that make-up would be a waste if you go to a pool-party. You do not want the make-up to flow off your face while you get into the water right? Instead go minimal and opt for a water-proof mascara that will add dimension to your eyes and make them pop out. Make sure you test if the mascara is really water-proof. Flowing eye-make is not cool and a total turn –off.

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  • The bare essentials – Carry the other essentials like sunscreen, beach-towel and do remember to shave before you go. Also, carry all your items in a stylish summery beach-bag.


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