Gorgeous fashion and style basics every girl needs to know of

Gorgeous fashion

Not every outfit has to be bold – who are we kidding, of course it does. However, while it is important to express your personal style as often as possible, there are just a few basics that every girl needs in her closet in case of a rainy day.

A Comfy Cardigan


Especially with winter coming fast upon us, it is important to keep your closet stocked with warm sweaters. Aside from Christmas sweater for your next Holiday get-together, you should always keep a neutral, comfortable cardigan on hand. You can take a basic cardigan to work or put it on as you switch out your suit jacket at the end of the work day.

A White Button-Up

Whether you are going to interviews or meetings, every girl needs a crisp, white shirt that is really for professional action. It is also a great way to quickly get ready for a last-minute dinner invitation or drinks – simply add a skirt and heels, and you’re ready to go. This basic piece is great for the office as well as going out, and you will always look put together.

A Little Black Dress


Like your white button-up, a little black dress should always be ready. It can be paired with heels and pearls just as well as with flats and a denim jacket. That is the beauty of your little black dress.

A Statement Necklace

Most basic pieces tend to be versatile and neutral. A little black dress and a neutral cardigan can practically go anywhere. But your statement necklace – a piece that truly screams your personal style – is just as important as keeping those neutral pieces on hand. This piece can have sentimental value, or simply help you stand out and shine a little brighter through the crowd – never sacrifice who you are.

A Denim Jacket

Gorgeous fashion

The denim jacket is a lot of fun. It goes with everything as well as your favorite pair of jeans, and is great for a date in summer as well as a crisp fall afternoon out. If you are feeling particularly daring, you can add pins or patches just to show off your personal style.

A Pair of Flats

Black is the most versatile option when it comes to keeping a comfortable, quality pair of flats in your closet. However, choosing a bold red pair or a leopard-print ballet flat can be just as fun. We all want to wear heels everyday – but our feet just will not forgive us for that.



It is a bit cliché to say that a smile is your best accessory, but this is absolutely true. Self-confidence and a good attitude will carry you through a tough meeting at work, an excruciating final exam, and even past all those cat-callers. Find your happy place and wear a smile because confidence is what emanates true beauty.

With great guides such as HerBraveTaste, you can create the closet that screams louder than you ever could. The beauty of these basic pieces is that they can be easily customized for you. They can be worn to work or bedazzled to go out – make your clothes undeniably yours.

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