5 Easy Stretching Exercises To Relax Your Mind And Body

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Doing some stretching and a few simple exercise during your workday can create a difference in the way you feel. It also positively impacts your mood, creativity, and productivity. You can find yourself spending the majority of your time at work sitting in your chair at your desk. It is essential to set aside some time for exercising to maintain your health and sanity. A few stretches at the office will help you do away with worries, alleviating you from tensions resulting from stress. It will also help you gather your thoughts while moving around.


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Neck stretch

Doing this stretch helps relieve tensions at the jaw while allowing part of the chest muscles to open.

How to do it

The stretch is done by tilting your left ear in slow motion towards the shoulder. The top of your right hand should be placed at the bottom part of your back while rolling your right shoulder downwards and off your ear. Put your left hand on your head, applying a little pressure. Slightly lift your chin, keeping your jaw open. Take five deep breathes and repeat the procedure on the other side.

Seated lateral flexion

This lengthens the larger muscles of the trunk – the serrated muscles while expanding the muscles of the chest.

How to do it

Sit in an upright posture with your feet firm on the ground. Keep your spine neutral, interlocking your hands behind your head. Hold and take three deep breaths. Breathe out while laterally flexing your back on the left side. Do five more deep breaths, back to the center. Now do the other side.

Seated spinal twist


The stretch lengthens the spinal extensor muscles, thus helping in doing away with persistent back pains and poor posture.

How to do it

Sit in an upright way with your feet flat on the ground. Cross your right leg over the left. Make sure you still keep your feet on the floor. Breathe in, lift your arms over your head and breathe out. Spin to your right placing your hands on your thigh. Hold on for 5 breaths. Breathe in, spin to the center and switch the closed legs to complete the stretch on your left.

Seated figure four stretch

This stretch opens the hip’s external rotators and the glute.

How to do it

Sit upright, ensuring the spine is in a neutral position.  Cross the left leg over your right and put your hands on the shins. Lean your torso slightly forward for a stretch that is a bit deeper. Hold on for five breathes, release, and repeat with the right leg.

Desk downward facing dog

Performing this exercise aids in lengthening the back of the legs and the chest.

How to do it

Slide your feet slightly past your hips while standing upright. Bend your hips placing your hands above your desk. Push the hips back in a way that your chest is aligned with the floor in a parallel way. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

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