Foods items that promote natural growth of your hair


We all dream of having long shiny hair and a healthy scalp. Well, as much as there are various beauty products and treatments available in the market today, there is nothing better than going natural. Although doing things naturally may take a little while, however, you can be sure that the effects are permanent as there are various other benefits that come along with it.For people who wish to improve their hair growth, you can surely do this by making changes to your diet and start having foods that can improve your hair growth.  Just by making a small change, you will see the most effective results in your overall health. Let us have a look at some of the foods that you can have.


Eat eggs

Proteins are essential for your body. If you want to promote your hair growth, then you can eat this one food. Proteins are the foundation that makes our hair strands. So, when you have a protein rich diet, it not only benefits your body but also your hair growth.

Leafy vegetables like Spanish

eating leafy green vegetables

For our hair cells, the essential mineral needed is Iron. Hair loss can also happen due to lack of iron. The roots of our hair start becoming weak due to the lack of nutrients like oxygen and iron. Even the hair strands get weak. Therefore, if you are looking for hair growth with the right foods, then iron rich leafy veggies can provide good nutrition to you.

Yellow peppers


Vitamin C helps to make the hair follicles and hair shaft strong. This antioxidant also help in the prevention of breakage. In comparison to oranges, Yellow peppers are a lot richer in Vitamin C and are another good way to adopt the natural ways to improve your hair growth.



Another reason why you may develop poor scalp conditions and hair loss is due to the deficiency of Zinc in your body. In the list of foods that can improve your hair growth, the Oysters that are found in the Gulf of Mexico in specific provide a rich source. This is due to the BP oil spill in 2010, which resulted in the Oysters found here to have a high Cadmium content.



Since we know that the lack of Iron can cause loss of hair, you can boost your hair growth with the right foods including Tofu. This food is not only rich in soya, but it is also a good source of Iron, which will help to promote your hair growth.


Silica is another nutrient that is very important for the hair as it prevents hair loss. Even our body uses this nutrient to absorb minerals and vitamins. Nutrients are also responsible to help the formation of new cells. This is the time when silica comes into the picture. The other sources of silica include green and red peppers, potatoes and skin of cucumbers.



When you think about natural ways to improve your hair growth, Shrimps is another rich source of zinc, iron and proteins. To help you prevent the breakage of hair, these vitamins come in handy and this is where Shrimps come in handy.


Chicken Karaage

Another perfect way to make your hair strands strong and thick is by having food items that have a high content of Vitamin B, iron and zinc. Well, poultry or chicken in specific is another good way to improve your hair growth.



For a healthy scalp, proper blood circulation is another important factor that plays a vital role. Apart from the fact that it adds to the luster and shine of your hair, broccoli also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin-C in particular helps in the production of Sebum, and it also promotes our hair growth.



For a thicker and faster hair growth, you need foods that are rich in biotin content. Almonds are a perfect source of this and that is why Almonds is a good choice. You will see a difference in your hair in maximum two months when you start including at least 1/3 of the requirement that you need daily. You will see the results of how effective Almonds are for your hair and memory.

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