Feeling Pretty: 5 Things That Will Make You Queen for a Day

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Things That Will Make You Queen for a Day

In case you need to be reminded, you don’t actually need anything to be beautiful. You are already there, and have been since birth. There is also little you can do to be less beautiful. You can age another 20 years, put on another 20 pounds, and watch your hair turn thin and grey. You are still going to be the most beautiful person in the world. Just ask your significant other. Beauty is not skin deep. It emanates directly from the soul. Nothing you do to your body, or that your body does to you, can change it.

That said, there is nothing wrong with doing a little extra on those days when you don’t feel as pretty as you actually are. These things are not intended to make you beautiful. They are just timely reminders of what you naturally are. When you need to feel pretty on those days when you don’t, try any of the following:

1. A Unique Piece of Jewelry

Unique Piece of JewelryIf you and your significant other do your jewelry shopping together, don’t be shy about specifying what it is you really want. You don’t want just any engagement ring that is indistinguishable from every other engagement ring. Your relationship is not like any other. So insist on one of the stunning,oval engagement rings for people who don’t mind standing out. Every woman should have a piece of jewelry like this to put on for those times when they need to shine. It is that special piece you can always go to when it is time to paint the town. A unique piece of fine jewelry is not just for engagements and weddings. It is for any occasion when you could use a little extra.

2. A Great Hair Day

We all have had bad hair days. That expression has come to symbolize any bad day, even when it has nothing to do with your hair. That said, the day often starts with getting that hair in order. And if you have a lot of it, you are well aware of all the things that can go wrong with it. The good news is you don’t have to be stuck with a bad hair day. Get up a little earlier and take the time to do something spectacular like getting that sexy, beachy, wavy hair. Bad hair days will come. But this doesn’t have to be one of them.

3. Whiter Teeth

perfect smileYou can’t exactly let your smile be your umbrella if you are uneasy about showing your teeth. A trip to the dentist is not the first thing you need to try. There are time-honored ways of getting spectacular teeth-whitening results from the comfort and privacy of your home. Whiter teeth will make you feel pretty. And everyone who sees your new, radiant smile will also appreciate it.

4. A Little, Black Dress

A little, black dress has become a part of the cultural vernacular. It does not even refer to a dress that is little, black, or even a dress. It is like a good hair day. You know it when you see it. You should have one in your closet ready to go at all times. It is that one outfit that transforms you into a superhero. If you don’t have such an outfit, stop reading this and go buy one right now. You’ll be glad you did.

5. The Perfect Scent

The Perfect ScentSometimes, the only thing you need to feel pretty is to smell pretty. Just don’t overdo it. This is where subtlety wins the day. The perfect fragrance will not make people lean back from being overwhelmed. It will make people lean forward and seek out the source of that illusive, olfactory delight. A bottle of great perfume should last you a long time. If it doesn’t, you might be using it a bit too generously.

For the most part, people will see you as beautiful when you see yourself as beautiful. On those days when you need a little help with that, try a unique piece of jewelry, a great hair day, a whiter smile, that little, black dress, and the perfect scent.

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