How to Find Comfortable High Heels for Your Feet

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Comfortable High Heels for Your Feet

Pretty hurts! As a woman, you have to go through drastic measures to maintain your appearance. It is reported that one in three women will have permanent, irreversible damage to their feet as a result of prolonged wear.

Heels are the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. A lot of us are not taught how to properly look for heels. This is why a lot of women will report foot pain due to years of wearing heels.

There has to be an easier way. This post will break down how to find comfortable high heels.

Why Should I Wear Comfortable High Heels

 woman in Comfortable High Heels

Is it possible for sexy high heels to be comfortable? Absolutely! You just have to be honest with yourself.

There is a misconception that you have to wear 6-inch heels in order to make the room melt, and that is not true. We tend to think that the higher the heel, the better. We can do a good amount of damage with shorter-inch shoes.

If you are the type of girl that wears heels four or five times a week, then 6-inch heels every outing just isn’t sustainable. We see our favorite celebrities go down the red carpet and become envious of all the glitz and glamour. They do not have to wear those heels for a long time.

These are often just for a photo op, and they can return back to regular shoes like the rest of us. If you are a working girl and are putting in 40 plus hours a week, then you have to be realistic about how you want to present yourself while being comfortable.

As you age, your bones will not be able to sustain the damage that has been done because of waning bone density. Uncomfortable high heels also tend to be a lot pricier.

If you are buying shoes that resemble the cost of Supreme, then they should be comfortable as well.

Qualities of the Most Comfortable High Heels

What exactly makes a high heel more comfortable? There are a lot of different factors to consider.

The most obvious factor is fit. High heels are not sneakers. You should not have to “break them in”.

This is a surefire way to end up at the foot doctor wondering where it all went wrong. The next aspect that you should consider is how thin they are.

The thinner the heel, the more your feet are going to be crying. Block heels and wedges are your best friend when it comes to this.

The next quality that you need to look at is height. Sorry ladies! The doctor recommends that you go two inches or lower for optimal foot health.

Lastly, you should consider open-toed shoes to relieve the front of your foot.

Can I Be Fashionable and Comfortable?

Fashionable coupleFashion does not mean that you should be putting your health at risk. Style should be effortless and comfortable. You should not have to give up one for the other.

Did you enjoy our guide on finding comfortable high heels? Check out our Style Guide for more fashion tips.

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