Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair loss You Should Know


Almost every person loses lots of hair each day. Although, it is always no easily noticeable since new hair grows in at the same time. When new hair does not replace the one that has fallen out, we call hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t just occur by itself; it happens due to various related factors. The common factors to which hair loss is typically related are the medical condition and hormonal change, medications, a very stressful experience, hair styling and treatment and hereditary factors. Despite the effects, there are ways in which you can help prevent and treat hair loss. Below are the best ways to prevent and treat hair loss:

 1. Taking Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamin SupplementsStudies show that, in the old days, vitamins and minerals were used to prevent hair loss. Although the roles of vitamins and minerals in preventing hair loss are unclear, their deficiency plays a significant risk factor for hair loss. Some vital vitamins and minerals include Vitamin B, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. When taking multivitamins, it is essential to first talk to your doctor since there is a recommended dose amount to be taken each day.

2. Eating Extra Protein

It was also discovered that eating a large amount of protein and following a Mediterranean diet may help lower hair loss. On the other hand, a study found that several people experiencing hair loss usually have low protein and amino acid intakes. Although, it was not confirmed if nutritional deficiency leads to hair loss.

3. Taking Hair Loss Medication

hair fall Several medications help to treat and prevent hair loss that is available over the counter. Among the medications that people have to aid hair growth is The Hairy Pill. Although, before taking any medication, you need to do proper research and be sure of its use and any possible effect.

4. Following The Correct Hair And Scalp Care

When you properly take good care of your scalp and hair, you will significantly help prevent hair loss. However, it may also result in hair growth. When you avoid harsh treatments and keeping your scalp and hair clean may prevent hair loss and avoid the expenses of treating hair loss.

5. Doing Scalp Massage

Scalp MassageA study suggests that doing a 4 minutes scalp massage can help stimulate hair growth. However, although it is promising in stimulating hair growth, it has not been confirmed whether scalp massage helps in hair loss.

6. Using Coconut Oil

A study found that coconut oil may help prevent hair loss due to ultraviolet light damage or grooming habits. When you apply coconut oil to your scalp can help strengthen hair on your scalp, and this will help avoid loss of hair from damage.

Some hair loss is a common occurrence, mainly due to a hereditary cause such as pattern baldness. It is prudent if you know there are several potential options for hair loss treatment, including taking The Hairy Pill. But you have to realize that the effectiveness of each treatment option varies from one person to another.

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