Eye makeup and tips for people with round faces

Eye makeup

Having a round face isn’t considered that attractive, but sometimes if you know how to style yourself up, you can use your round face to your advantage. Whenever you style yourself, you have to make it a point that you should choose hairstyles and make up that will make your face look thinner and smaller. A good thing about round faces is that there are many ways that you can highlight your face and give it a defined look. With simple and small alterations, you can indeed make your face look better.

Eye makeup

Many women who have round faces consider it a curse. A lot of them do various kinds of exercises to reduce the shape. What they do not understand is that this is more of a blessing and gives you the flexibility to try out different styles and make up techniques to highlight the best features of your face. Adding some gloss to your make up will also help to give it a shine and bring in a different look to your makeup touch. Let us look at some make up tips that will prove to be beneficial for round faces.

Arch shaped eyebrows is the best take

For a round face, having an arch shaped eyebrow actually works out well. This helps to define your forehead and gives you a very beautiful look. This also helps to increase the length of your face. For daily care, you can use an old mascara brush to comb the eyebrows so that it evens out. For those with less or thin eyebrow hair, they can consider using a Khol stick to make it look darker and thicker.

Define your lips with a lip pencil and not just plain lipstick

Makeup tips

If your lips are the main highlight of your face, then define it with the right type of lip makeup. Choose colors that match your skin tone and type. Also make it a point to use a lip liner, this will help to define your lips perfectly and give it a shape. If you have small lips, use the liner alongside the outer lining of the lip to make it look a little big. For those with naturally big lips, give a thicker lining to reduce the size. For medium sized lips, a thinner lining will help you get the best feature.

Highlighting your cheekbones

Some people are blessed with a nice cheekbone even if they have a round face. You can use this feature to bring in a slimmer and definite shape and look to your face. Choose colors that bring out the shine of your cheekbone and do not make it look too loud. Sticking to natural tones like browns and pinks is advisable and beneficial.

Trim your side locks but do not make it short

Eye makeup

Keeping long side locks will help to reduce the overall roundness of your face. Trim them so that they look clean and help in reducing the weight of your face. A good thing about a round face is that you can easily enhance your look with this simple step.

Dealing with your forehead

If you are one of those who have baby locks on their forehead and a round face, make sure that you do not take it out. Instead, opt to deal with it properly by combing it and keeping it in place. Along with that, you can also consider letting it grow a bit. This will help to reduce the size of your face. If you do plan to take it out or want to alter the look, just take out the extra small hair on the sides of the baby locks. This will give your face a cleaner look.

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