7 Makeup fixes for a tired looking face

A busy day in an office leads to stress and a tired look. The tired look disturbs you the most when you have to continue to a personal commitment after work. Here are some of the magical make up fixes which can help you to overcome a tired looking face.

1. Clean your face regularly

The most important point that needs to be remembered is regular cleaning of your face before going to bed. Its absolutely pointless to say that leaving the mascara all night will give you a smudged look in the morning. Just clean it off, dry with a towel and let your skin breathe.

2. Use a good face wash

The next step is that when you get up in the morning, wash your face with a good face wash to clean the oil that might have accumulated throughout your sleep, and then apply an intense hydrating moisturiser.

3. Scrubs can exfoliate skin

Scrubs should also be used to remove the dead skin cells on your face and reveal a brighter, cleaner and younger looking face. The facial scrub that you use should contain natural skin brightening ingredients such as milk (lactic acid), papaya (papain), mulberry (arbutin) or licorice extract (glabridin). I like this Ever Yuth naturals Walnut Scrub that has coarse walnut particles to remove pores and easily scrubs away skin impurities, dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin fresh, healthy and smooth.

4. Creamy concealer

To get rid of the tired face, use a creamy concealer whose shade is not pale, a yellowish tint is preferable. It will give you a lively look removing all the shadows on your face in no time at all.

5. Use eyeliners effectively to hide tired eyes

The tired look is mostly depicted from the eyes and is a serious concern for many of the girls that I have come across. Use a white eyeliner for your lower lid. It would make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Preparation H can be used to tighten your skin and reducing swollen puffy eyes. Another magical home remedy is to use a spoon which has been kept cold either inside a refrigerator or under running water and place that cold spoon on the puffy part of your eyelids. It works wonders.

6. Use lukewarm water to wash face

Women having oily skin can clean their skin regularly with lukewarm water, an exfoliating face wash and a mild astringent skin cleanser. A clay or a mud mask once a week can temporarily reduce oiliness. Mint used in such face masks can provide a soothing effect and can give life to your skin in seconds.

7. Use illuminator

Another super magical way to brighten your tired looking face is to use an illuminator. It is oil free and even sensitive skin women can use it. It gives an instant natural glow and highlights your cheeks and brow bones to give an over-all glow.

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