Best at-home hair coloring tips

Coloring hair at home

You can easily get those lovely stylish highlighted hair at home. Hair coloring can easily be performed at home in no time. Hair coloring can help you to get that stylish, unique look with minimum efforts. Here are few tips for coloring hair at home to make the process simpler to all. Keep in mind to follow every instruction to get shiny and vibrant looking hair. Coloring hair at home not only saves energy but also money. Remarkable and lasting result can be achieved at home also. Here are some things you should always remember when you start coloring your hair.

1. Select a right tone for your hair. Don’t select too hard color as that could make you look very unnatural and dramatic. Chose hair color that is easily prepared and look natural and suits you well.

2. If you are among the ones who like to experiment the way they look than you can opt for hair dye shades lighter or darker than your original hair color. It will give you a chance to experiment with your look.

3. A hair color would look perfect if hair are in perfect texture and are healthy. It is well expected reality that dark hair tones would reveal the frizzy texture of your hair.

4. Prepare your hair before you go for hair coloring. Moisturize them well as it will help the color to last for long. It is very essential to keep them healthy and in proper texture.

5. Conditioning your hair well will keep them in proper texture and healthy. It will reduce the chances of your hair been damaged by chemicals.

6. Wash your hair strands the day before you plan to color your hair. It will help hair to get better tone due to natural moisture present in hair.

7. Wear plastic gloves when you are dying your hair. It will help to protect your hand from chemicals that are inside dye.

8. Don’t forget to wear an old T-shirt or place towel over your shoulder before you start applying dye on your hair. It will save your clothes from getting stained.

9. Use petroleum jelly on neck and forehead. It will help to save your skin from getting stained. Exposure of skin to the chemicals can cause skin irritation and itching.

Quick Tips:

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1. Use high quality hair products to color your hair.

2. Use shampoo to wash hair color from your hair.

3. Don’t apply hair color if you have applied henna before. It could damage your hair.

4. Use conditioner to smoothen your hair and to add shine to your hair strands.

5. Maintain hair well after hair coloring as hair require proper care and attention.

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