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It’s probably one of the most important days in a bride’s life and so choosing the right wedding dress is crucial as they would want to make the best impression and be stylish at the same time. With such a broad range of designer wedding dresses available that are on-trend and stylish, brides should choose a dress style that complements her figure.


This means they need to consider their body shape and height as these will influence the style of dress they should be choosing. It’s also important that when brides begin shopping for wedding dresses, they choose a range of styles to find what makes their body look as good as it can possibly be. However, there are a few golden rules that brides should be aware of when it comes to choosing the right shape for their wedding dress.

For instance, the most popular dress shape is the A-Line since it suits a wide range of figures. With a fitted bodice, the bride could accentuate her waist and bust. For most brides, the A-Line is the most suitable choice.

There will also be brides who like the look of the fishtail-style of wedding dress but these are really only suitable for brides who have a well proportioned figure since the dress is unforgiving for unsuitable shapes.

Brides also like to try on ballgowns since the full circular skirt will exaggerate a bride’s small waist while looking elegant at the same time. In addition to considering the shape and style of the wedding dress, brides also need to appreciate necklines including whether they want scoop or sweetheart, for instance. These are not only feminine necklines but also flattering too, particularly for brides with small or medium size busts.

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For brides with a larger bust, straight necklines will probably be the better bet since they will not distract attention from the dress itself to the bride’s décolletage. There’s also a trend for brides to take a closer interest in backlines and many wedding dress designers now focus on lots of detail there.

Attention also needs to be paid to straps and shoulders when bride is looking at wedding dresses and they may find that adding a little jacket may change a dress’s appearance and also hide a bride’s arms if they are uncomfortable in exposing them.

The best thing however in choosing the right wedding dress for a bride is that they get to visit a variety of wedding boutiques and have an enjoyable time trying on a variety of gowns to ensure they get the wedding dress of their dreams.

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