Carribean Therapy lifts bathing bar to spa levels

aveda1The Carribean therapy bath bar raises the level of bath soaps to spa levels where it claims to give your body spa rejuventaing benefits. It is reported to be enriched with Caribbean mango, cocoa butter and natural fragrances to moisturize skin and revitalize senses.

The seeds of mango not only provides emollients to the skin but it is also researched to be rich in phenols. Therefore mango along with moisturizer rich cocoa butter can be considered for all skin types.

However, the products meant to be used only the body assert a reconnection with the of reconnecting mind with the light and water, wind and earth. With so many spa products in the market this becomes a challenging assertion with a bathing bar; but with the revitalizing fragrances from bay leaves, lime and rich emollients the consumer might find soap to allude with spa massage treatments.