APC complex treatmant for flushing skin bacteria from the roots


Acne and pimple treatment often lack complete treatment due to which they ckeep coming up with bacterial infections, lesions and inflammations. Mega Life Science has come up with Acnacare that uses in-depth protein binding system called as APC complex or Anaphase Promoting Complex, which is researched to enrich the skin with minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and chromium.

The APC complex is found in Acnacare capsules, gel and facial wash all targetting bacterial infection in skin. Minerals and Vitamins act together to heal the wounds, trigger elastin and hydrate the skin with a follow-up of reducing the tendency of bacterial accumulation in the skin. This product asserts of improving problem skin within two months of the clinical trials. The natural ingredients promotes applicability of this cream to all skin types.

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