Carbon Dioxide: A new anti-aging treatment!

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A new treatment using carbon dioxide is set to revolutionize the anti-aging treatment. The ‘Brazilian Rio-Blush rejuvenation system’ is now available in Britain after being a huge success in the US. According to the celebrity Parisian doctor, Jules-Jacques Nabet the treatment has produced amazing results.

While treating a patient carbon dioxide gas is injected just under the surface of the skin using a fine needle. The gas diffuses into the surrounding tissues and cause blood vessel to dilute. Wider blood vessels increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the treated area.

Evidence shows that the carbon dioxide kills the fat cells by causing them to distend. The extra oxygen eliminates fluid build-up between cells and the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen. Fewer fat cells result in a firm and younger looking skin.

Researchers at the University of Siena in Italy studied 48 women over three weeks and found that following the treatment they lost fat in their thigh, knee and stomach. At the same time their skin became thicker and their cellulite smoother.

After the discovery of Botox thirteen years back, the carbon dioxide therapy will become a new, effective anti-aging treatment.

Source: daily mail

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