Boots moisturiser to obscure the thin line between cosmetics and medicine

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It would only seem like a sensible thing to do when one proports the idea that out of all the face creams available in the market, let’s figure out which one proves to be the most effective. Often women get carried away by brands without even realizing the percentage of relevant chemicals that are in the cream or whether or not will it suit them. Anti-ageing cream is one such product that women buy in dozens simply because they help them to fight against their perpetual enemy – Age.

BBC’s Horizon programme last year undertook such research and declared Boots’ moisturizer ‘No 7’ as No.1 in efficiency to slow down ageing. Following their lead, Chris Griffiths, professor of dermatology at the University of Manchester, administered this study on 60 volunteers for a period of 6 months and the data is still under analysis at the moment. If its high efficiency is proven, it will spark off a debate where dermatologists and peers will question the threshold of efficiency, upon reaching which, a cosmetic will be declared a medicine.

Some active constituents like white lupin – a flower extract – and retinyl palmitate and a plain moisturizing base are all set to be examined on how do they work in combination. This kind of a declaration led to queuing up of consumers in stores for their portions of the magic potion as is shown in the picture.
When a cream would become a medicine, it will give rise to several issues for the company. It can no longer be retailed at stores and has to obtained only after production of a prescription and such possibilities lead to incessant production of mild creams that can be overpriced in the cosmetic industry without being labeled as medicine. It continues to remain an unresolved problem for which Chris Flowers, head of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) said,

There are consumers out there who do want the science, but equally there are those who feel it can be a ruse to push prices up. We need to cater to both – those who want the extensive trials and those who want a simple product that doesn’t cost the earth.

Well, till the time the results come out and the legislation works its own stuff out, looks like No 7 from Boots is the safest bet for the ones who face wrinkle-phobia!

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