Smoking may damage your skin

spotty guyIn a study conducted by British Journal of Dermatology, it is found that female smokers experience ‘dotty skin’.

It also says that smoking is not one reason for women developing marks on their face. Stress, pollution, hormonal alterations, occupation, exposure to steam and heat for longer hours etc. lead to non-inflammatory acne. As skin make-up varies from individual to individual so all smokers may not experience such dermatological problems.

Nevertheless, smoking is found to aggravate such problems which actually highlight health problems within. There is a world wide awareness campaign going on against smoking because smoking causes infinite damage to smokers and surrounding people.

The study also found that smoking reduces skin secretions like Vitamin E and thereby does damage to the skin all over the body. As the skin on the facial region is more sensitive than the other parts of the body and is the most exposed part of the body, the face is affected severely compared to the other parts of the body.
spotty girl

During teenage we develop the habit of smoking and carry on with it until we suffer from major diseases that prevent us from smoking. From our personal experiences we have found that smoking affects the color and smoothness of our lips. Lips become dark and rough.

We try rubbing lemon and honey and other home made therapies on our lips for sometime only. It is often heard that the smoker tries to stop smoking but finds it difficult to give up this obnoxious habit.

Via: BBC

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