Brow shaping hacks for taming bold, golden eyebrows

A bold brow is to a beautiful face as icing on a delicious cake. Not Good? I know. Well my aim was just to stress the importance of beautifully shaped eyebrows to make any face appear bright, young and confident. Any small mistake in shaping your brows can ruin the entire look of even a well sculpted face. In order to help you shape your eyebrows suit your face structure, here we are with a few expert tips and tricks. Read further to know more.

  1. Let your brows grow

Beautiful portrait of european young woman model, on white background. More photos of this series in my portfolio.

In order to have bold and beautiful it is essential that they grow fully. Let your eyebrows grow before you start trimming them.

  1. Plot the brow start and finish ends

Start by plotting the position of your brows. Line up a pencil at the base of your nostrils. The point where it crosses your brow should be the point where your eyebrow should begin from. Turn the pencil towards the ears at an angle of 45 degrees. At this point your eye brow should end with the arch.

  1. Make thin brows appear thick

Beautiful woman`s open eye. Pink and golden eye-shadows.

If you have thin brow hair, there is nothing to worry. You can still use some tricks to fake fuller   brows. Apply a thin layer of brow powder gently over the brows and fill the gaps with a natural shade of darker brow powder filling in the gaps. While powder is best for oily skin, pencil works best for dry skin. While choosing an eye brow pencil prefer a shade similar to that of the color of your brow hair and not the hair on your head as both of them are quite different.

  1. Use wax or eyebrow gel

While applying a brow pencil use brow wax or setting cream in order to help your brows stay in place for longer time. A good quality eyebrow gel serves the same purpose. It is same as that of a mascara for your lashes to make them appear full and large.

  1. Say NO to hot wax

Portrait of beautiful blue-eyed girl with curling hair

Using hot wax to remove excess brow hair is indeed a very bad idea since it always leads to skin irritation and removal of extra hair than what is required. Not only this, it also damages the skin near your eyes which is also the most delicate organ of the body.

  1. Shape your brows according to your face shape

Your brows should be shaped such that it complements your face contours. In order to have the best brow shape you can look out for inspiration from your favorite celebs. While heart shaped face look best in softly arched brows, oval faces appear better in angular eyebrows.

  1. Do not over tweeze

Perfect beauty woman closeup portrait with closed eyes. Natural make-up

While working with your brows, it is extremely important that you do no over tweeze since only one wrong hair strand getting removed is enough to complete the entire shape of your eyebrow. Go slow and do not stand too close to the mirror.

  1. Keep them natural

The best way to have bold eyebrows is to keep them in their natural shape. The more the natural, the less is appears fake.

  1. Fill in the gaps

For sparse eyebrow hair, you should fill I the gaps by using pencil or powder using light feather strokes paying more attention towards the ends.

These amazing eye brow shaping tips will surely add glitter and polish to your face so much so that you would be the eye candy of everyone around you.

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