Bad Hair Day- Top Tips to Aid You

You get up in the morning only to frown in front of your mirror with comb in your hand going crazy trying to manage your hair which simply will not listen. Bad hair days are commonplace phenomena and when you have less time in hand to spend on some pampering, preening and primping your locks it tends to get all the more irksome. And being unable to manage it properly means having to bear with it for the rest of the day. But who said there is no way to deal with bad hair days? With some little effort you can easily master the art of bringing your hair under your control.

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Dump the Irons and Rollers: Even though they may seem the last minute hair stylists at home irons, rollers, dryers and tongs are the major cause of bad hair days. They make your hair excessively dry and unruly and the result- you frown seeing those split ends. If you do need to blow dry your hair keep the heat to the least level and use it only when it is needed letting your hair dry naturally for most of the days.

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Keep it Healthy: Moisturizing your hair is if utmost necessity especially if it tends to get frizzy. Use alcohol free products for conditioners and ensure it is just right for your type of hair so as to prevent it from going haywire due to static electricity which is caused during low humid and dry months. If it still gets frizzy while you are at work keep a conditioning spray handy to apply in order to dampen and reset your hair quickly and letting it get dry in air.

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Quick Ponytails: For a casual look on a bad hair day, an athletic style ponytail is the best bet to go for. Take some portions of your hair from the top and tuck it a bit towards the inside while holding with comb and applying spray. Smoothen the teased part, twist and push it first upward and then forward to make up a puffy hair look in the front. With the remaining hair make a fine, casual ponytail just below it and tie it up with a hair elastic pushing the ponytail higher to get the appearance of greater volume. If you have some spare hair in front, you can carry this casual look with aplomb.

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Flat Hair: If you have straight hair and it looks flat carry a texturizing spray for a quick boost to your hair. Make sure the spray is applied to the roots, flip over your coiffure and spray it all along. It will instantly perk up the volume of your hair by absorbing the excess oil and giving it a bounce within minutes.

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