SPF 25 UVA++ with green tea for wrinkle-free UV protection

godiva111Green tea’s benefit was proven for its antioxidant feature for skin and body. At the outset of increased risk of skin cancer, skin care company, Godiva formulates it in form of a sunscreen cream with SPF 25 UVA++ for direct application. The sunscreen claims to fight the free radicals with green tea extracts and SPF 25.

However, if the consumer is very particular about the formulation he will read the label for the presence of paraben in the cream, which might make a consumer prone to vulnerability to toxins.

Though the product will catch attention of the consumer with its green tea formulation, yet it will face competition from the already existing SPF 30 formula containing green tea, aloe vera. Moreover, the SPF 30 formula having a green tea formulation is organic in nature unlike the SPF 25, which has paraben content.

Those consumers who do not have a problem with the toxicity in methyl paraben can switch to this new product by Godiva, which is available at the online retail store of Godiva for $5.80 only.

Via: Real Filipino